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The fire was the second in Kingstown in a week. (IWN Photo)
The fire was the second in Kingstown in a week. (IWN Photo)
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Firefighters had late Sunday night brought under control the raging inferno that gutted the buildings in Kingstown that formerly housed the Electoral Office and the Treasury Department.

There were intermittent flare-ups some five hours after the fire was discovered in the buildings, located on Egmont and Halifax Street.

The Fire Brigade in Kingstown was assisted by a fire truck dispatched from E.T. Joshua Airport in Arnos Vale.

A senior member of the Police Force at the scene told I-Witness News that he was not yet in a position to comment on the fire.

It was not clear whether any damage was done to the building that houses the Registry, which is located next to old Treasury Building, which was also gutted.

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Some Registry staff members entered the building under police escort Sunday night but left shortly after.

Sunday’s fire was the second in the nation’s capital in a week. A blaze last week Sunday gutted Coreas Mini Mart, located on Lower Bay Street, leaving EC$2 million in damage and loss, store officials have said.

3 replies on “UPDATE: Fire in Kingstown brought under control (+Video)”

  1. This is very serious: two fire in one month. The government should start a program where all buildings are equipped with sprinklers and fire alarms. Then there is technology available that will have government buildings hooked up for security and fire prevention. The monitors can be placed in the barracks, or the fire department, where it can be monitored 24/7 365. I am just wondering: were the voting records located in this building?

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Do you know what it takes to equipt old building with sprinklers.
      You sit there and hear about these things, and now you are running with ideas of which you have no clue what you talking about.

  2. They most certainly did not bring it under control it burnt itself out and what resulted was total destruction.

    This is yet another fire-brigade failure. They have never put a fire out, the fires always burn themselves out.

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