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Dr. Rudolph Matthias of IADC receives the US$10,000  cheque from Annett Stowe of FAIA . (Photo: FAIA/Facebook)
Dr. Rudolph Matthias of IADC receives the US$10,000 cheque from Annett Stowe of FAIA . (Photo: FAIA/Facebook)
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The U.S. chapter of Friends of Argyle International Airport (FAIA) on Thursday donated US$10,000 to the project, bringing to US$35,000 their contribution to the EC$700 million airport, expected to open this year.

Annett Stowe of FAIA presented the cheque to Rudolph “Rudy” Matthias, head of International Airport Development Company during a ceremony in Kingstown.

Stowe said the monies were raised through a raffle, the first prize of which was a round trip airfare to SVG. The second prize was US$1,000 and the third prize an iPad.

“We are quite delighted and we are hoping that before the airport opens we can make further contributions to it,” she said.

“As an individual who works in the tourism industry, this airport has significant meaning not just to me as a Vincentian. I understand the importance of it to the development of our country, to the expansion of the tourism industry, and to the benefits it will bring to all of us.

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“We wholly support it and we will continue to do our best in the diaspora to get as much funds as possible to contribute to the airport before its completion,” she said of the project, which has missed completion deadlines annually since 2011.

Meanwhile, Matthias said the Airport Contributory Fund has received EC$1,132,000 from 395 persons or groups.

He expressed appreciation on behalf of the AIDC, the government and all Vincentians, saying all contributions are appreciated.

“It is not the size of the contribution that matters. What matters is the thought behind the contribution,” Matthias said.

4 replies on “US-based Vincentians donate $10,000 more to Argyle airport”

  1. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    “we are hoping that before the airport opens we can make further contributions to it”
    On that account Ms. Stowe, have no fear. In fact you have the next 6 years to contribute to the crab hole that is Argyle. It does not matter how much money you put into it, this airport will not take international (non-LIAT) commercial flights for many, many years. Even after this airport “opens” foreign governments will still not allow their commercial passenger-carrying aircraft to land there.

    Ms Stowe, there are many charities in SVG which can use your help if you choose to do something other than throwing monies away.

  2. Why they don,t donate some of these monies to help feed some hungry children or to help some unemployed mothers equip their children for school?There are more pressing issues to deal with other than Ralph Gonsalves airport that he can,t complete for so many years now.It just shows what is priority to Gonsalves and these so called patriot Vincentians living in the diaspora.I hope you all purchase a plane with some of these monies because no commercial plane leaving New York nor London empty to travel straight to SVG as what you all are saying.

  3. Dr “Lowest Common Denominator”, did anyone ever tell you to shut […] up? Well let me be the first to do so! What kind of Doctor are you? I doubt you’re a doctor anyway…and why would you waste your doctoral energy to write a crap comment like that? You had to be some punk ass doctor who hasn’t seen a patient in months, and it’s freaking you out. Good for you! Doctor my ass!

  4. Again I hope the auditors will be looking closely to see that every penny of these donations is accounted for. I also hope they will handle any and all discrepancies as provided by law. Not saying there will be discrepancies, but let’s be honest; when funds are coming from so many different sources, sometimes people have some difficulty with tracking. Maybe don’t enter it on the books, put a check in a drawer and forget it, deposit it in the wrong bank or bank account, etc., you know what I mean…

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