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ULP candidate for Central Kingstown, Beresford Phillips addressing the party's rally on Sunday. (IWN photo)
ULP candidate for Central Kingstown, Beresford Phillips addressing the party’s rally on Sunday. (IWN photo)
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The ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for Central Kingstown, Beresford Phillips, has given a commitment to ensuring that all roads in the constituency are attended to if he is elected to office.

“Comrades, I am not your representative yet, but I am hoping and I believe I will. But I have put together very early and tonight is really not the night for that, but I will give you a brief synopsis of what I have in mind for this constituency,” he said at the party’s campaign rally in Redemption Sharpes.

Phillips said that he was assured that at a later date he will be given the opportunity to present a comprehensive plan to the constituency.

“But for now, I am committed to ensuring that every piece of bad road, whether asphalted or paved road in Central Kingstown is fixed.

“But I can’t guarantee you that all of it will be done at once. We have to be cognisant of the fact that there must be an equitable distribution of resources across the country. But ah wah we share up here. Ah want me share for central,” he said.

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Philips said he will continue to ensure the construction of all access roads in Trigger Ridge, adding that he will discuss with government the possibility o a link road that people have been calling for, for many years in the Buchorn and the Paul over area.

He said he was instrumental in the construction of two pieces of road in the Trigger Ridge area, financed by the Social Investment Fund.

Phillips said he will also approach the central government with a proposal for the Sharpes playing field.

“I played on this playing field as a little boy and, honestly, I think we have to do some work here. I think we have to upgrade it,” he said, adding that he has promised villagers to discuss with government the lighting of the playing field.

Phillips said the constituency needs one or two more hard court, adding that while there is a hard court in Green Hill, another is needed in the centre of the constituency.

There is a need to regularise all squatter settlements in Central Kingstown, especially in Redemption Sharpes, Phillips said.

He said while some work is being done to regularise such a settlement in Trigger Ridge, he wants the pace accelerated and “to see if we can have it in time before the elections are held this year.

“I don’t think it is lot of work. I will consult my Minister [of Housing] Montgomery Daniel on it, and we will work together to ensure that the squatter settlement in Trigger Ridge is addressed, is regularised, so that you the people of Trigger Ridge can have title to your lands, bearing in mind the policy of the government to make dead capital alive.”

Phillips also promised to make good on his promise to assist constituents with building materials under the government’s programme to help those affected by natural disasters or the poor.

“I want to say to you tonight that if I promise you something, I am going to deliver it. I am going to deliver to those who deserve. Those of you who have your homes that need repairs, I will assist you. Those of you who are still not settled from Hurricane Tomas, I will assist you,” Phillips said.

He told constituents that crime is “a bother and a concern for all of us, all of us who are peace-loving citizens.

“If I am elected to office and if I can do some of this before — not it, when I am elected… — I will engage the citizens of this community along with the law enforcement agency to see if we can have some discussions on this very important issue.

“We have to sit and discuss it and see if we can determine, in a lot of ways who the perpetrators are. In some cases, we know who they are, and to see the reason why many of our children, many of our sons, and daughters in some cases, have resorted to a life of crime,” Phillips said .

One reply on “Beresford promises to attend to roads, squatter settlements in Central Kingstown”

  1. that’s a big bunch of carrots that he is dangling.

    If the haven’t done most of that during the last 14 years especially when we were told by the comrade that we were on the cusp of an economic take off don’t expect them to do that during a next 5 year term.

    They will tell the people anything whilst grabbing a chance at being elected or re-elected. We all know this man could not make such promises without prior sanction from the PM, and we know he is a liar, so don’t hold your breath.

    It will simply be more of the same, bribery with building materials ect.

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