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NDP politician Ben Exeter has brought the challenge to the election result. (iWN file photo)
NDP politician Ben Exeter has brought the challenge to the election result. (iWN file photo)
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Election candidate Ben Exeter is “not one bit” concerned that the ruling Unity Labour Party is trying to cast him in a negative light after he jumped onto his colleague, Lauron “Sharer” Baptiste’s back in celebration of a victory in a dance-off last month. (Scroll for video)

“This time of the year – campaign — is a silly season and people with a twisted mind, perverted mind will read into things that that are not there,” Exeter, the main opposition New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for Central Leeward told I-Witness News.

“When Vincy Heat score a goal or they win, they jump on each other and roll around in the grass. What does that mean?” Exeter said.

The ULP has edited a small segment of an I-Witness News video of the dance-off, including slowing down the video in an apparent attempt to cause viewers to have an untoward opinion of Exeter.

“I know some people are trying to paint me in a certain light but that’s up to them.

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“I never raped anybody,” he said.

Exeter, a first-time candidate, will come up against Louis Straker, who the ULP has called out of retirement in response to Exeter’s candidacy.

The ULP has retired, therefore, current representative for Central Leeward, Maxwell Charles, after one term.

Exeter further told I-Witness News that he does not think that people of Central Leeward “are that narrow-minded” as to draw untoward conclusion about the dance-off.

Exeter also spoke of the development as he addressed the NDP’s rally in Campden Park this month.

“Some perverted minds will take things and twist them, try to deter you from the real issue at hand, what affects you in your daily lives,” he said.

“But you know what? They can play and dwell in the gutter all they want. I am not going down there with them. They’ve gotta come up here and tell me what their plans are for you, the people,” Exeter told party supporters.

2 replies on “‘I never raped anyone’ — Exeter”

  1. Well said Ben.Ralph once told the late Glen Jackson that he can join him in the gutter if he wants him to.With all the education revolution that the UlLP speaks about that is what still passes for politics today.How can they lift their game when their chief spokesman the PM spends 80 percent of his time on the platform on gutter politics cussing from captain to cook.Tell the many unemployed youths how you plan to create jobs for them.Teach them how to soar with their wings unclipped.Take them off the poor relief list and help them to be hard working independent minded people so that they will stop look to politicians for everything.Talk about the way forward instead of bragging about who you give this and that as if you took the funds from your personal bank account when we all know is tax payers money you used.Come on ULP,NDP,DRP,GREEN PARTY and no P lift your game.This is 2015.Please be a good example for once Mr PM.You are the leader of the land.

  2. I am sure besides never raping anyone or being charged or accused of raping anyone, he was never caught in a fracas trying to beat up a policeman, he has never lied to an Inn of Court.

    We must not forget the ULP record of giving a diplomatic passport to a man for no apparent reason who was caught carrying a kilo of cocaine whilst travelling on that passport.

    Don’t forget the million US dollars in an old bag and what appeared to be the great share out, perhaps two different events, perhaps one of the same.

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