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The female Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia student who was filmed having sex with multiple males while wearing her school uniform has started “therapy” sessions with a local psychologist, a source in the know has told I-Witness News.

The girl appeared in what another student in the recording described as a “porn video”, which was widely circulated via social media last week.


Between five and seven persons, including three female students, two of whom are wearing school uniforms, appeared in the video.

The source said the girl is between 14 and 15 years old and is a Form 4 student.

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The source could not verify whether the girl was under the influence of a substance, as some persons had suggested, and was also not in a position to say whether any arrest has been made in connection with the video, which police and education officials are said to be investigating.

2 replies on “Female student in sex tape receiving ‘therapy’”

  1. No amount of therapy is going to help this young lady. The only thing that will help this young lady, is anonymity. And that means leaving Vincyland for a place, where no one knows her name or face.

  2. Our nation needs to turn to God. If we stop living for ourselves it will mitigate against a lot of problems that we have.
    I wish this young lady all the best and the others involved. As long as there is life it is not to late to change our lives.

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