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Belvedere Killing 1

Funeral home employees remove the body from the scene in Belvedere Saturday morning. (IWN photo)

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An unidentified man died Saturday morning in Belvedere in what has been described as a shootout with police, triggered by a gun attack on a patron at Huffles Ranch, a popular entertainment venue in Brighton.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph did not confirm that there was a shootout with police when he spoke to I-Witness News at the scene on Saturday.

“I am not in a position to say that,” Joseph said.

“Police were working at Huffles Ranch and they were called where there were shot heard from the car park at Huffles Ranch. That is how the police initially were involved.

“The police went in search because along that route coming down there, gunshots were heard and then the police followed the gunshots and that is how they actually saw the body.”

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Asked if the body had any injuries, Joseph told I-Witness News that that would be determined by a post-mortem examination.

The man’s body was found in bushes in an open field near houses in Belvedere.

Police officers at the scene in Belvedere Saturday morning. (IWN photo)
Police officers at the scene in Belvedere Saturday morning. (IWN photo)

Residents of the Brighton and Belvedere and persons who patronised “97 Sunrise – The Take Over Party” at Huffles Ranch Friday night, told I-Witness News that a police officer providing security at Huffles Ranch gave chase on foot after the man shot at the patron in the car park of Huffles Ranch.

I-Witness News was told that officers from the Rapid Response Unit came in vehicles to assist their colleague as he chased the shooter, who ran in the direction of the sea.

Residents said they heard several single, intermittent gunshots then a burst of what sounded like automatic gunfire.

The man who the attacker opened fire on in the car park is said to be a Brighton resident who escaped unhurt.

The manager of Huffles Ranch told I-Witness News he had “no comment” to make about the incident.

3 replies on “Man opens fire at Huffles Ranch, dies in reported shootout with police”

  1. The business at Huffles Ranch is out of control and is attracting all sorts of criminal class of people. They have destroyed the peace and quiet that the locals once enjoyed and replaced it with gross noise and hoards of nasty people littering and spilling over into the neighbourhood.

    The area has become unsafe for the locals and residents of the district in general. Music so loud people cannot sleep, shouting screaming and general bad behaviour in the streets and locality. Time for the police to take action and enforce the law on noise and numbers of people allowed into the venue. The problem is many young policemen are part of the rabble so I doubt anything will happen, it will continue to destroy the lives and well being of the local residents.

  2. The police officer in question must have been working as an off-duty security person, no? Was he armed with a personally licensed firearm?

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