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MP for South Central Windward, Saboto Caesar. (IWN file photo)
MP for South Central Windward, Saboto Caesar. (IWN file photo)

Member of Parliament for South Central Windward, Saboto Caesar, has appealed to constituents to stay loyal to the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP), saying that it has transformed the district since coming to office in 2001.

Caesar, who is also Minister of Agriculture, told a rally in Diamonds on Sunday that the “handwriting of Labour and Labour love” is all over the constituency.

He said that, under the ULP, the district has moved from having  a large community centre room to a learning resource centre with a computer lab.

It now has a farmers’ market, and the “small rundown clinics” in Lowmans and Greiggs have been replaced by clinics that can house doctors’ quarters

South Central Windward has also moved from having “ball grounds” to playing fields that have been hosting competitions every year since 2005.

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Steel pan music was a rarity, but under the ULP administration, over 50 young persons learned to play the instrument every year, Caesar said.

“We must stay together because we still have more changes to continue and to complete.”

He said the constituency is experiencing the largest road repair programme in its history.

The constituency representative said he has spoken to VINLEC, the state-owned power company, and it is doing assessments to bring light to Chapmans.

“Comrades, don’t fall for the NDP propaganda asking what was done over the last five years,” said Caesar, who is seeking a second term as MP.

“And comrades, there are some of us who seem to be lending an ear to the NDP propaganda when they are talking, but don’t listen to them.”

He said hard courts are being repaired in the constituency, thereby creating employment for over 40 constituents.

Two constituents will soon move into houses built under the Lives to Live programme, under which the government builds houses and/or bathrooms and toilets for disabled, elderly or poor persons.

Saboto said that SVG has advanced and the constituency has moved forward significantly under the ULP.

He told constituents that as Jamaican reggae artiste Bunny Wailer said, they must “stand predominate” and understand what Martin Luther King Jr. meant by “the fierce urgency of now”.

He said that when the international airport at Argyle is complete, hundreds of job will open for the young people.

“Young people get ready,” Caesar said, adding that hundreds more jobs will be made available in the construction phase of the geothermal energy project.

He urged the youth to take up the hundreds of scholarships that he said are available or will become available

Caesar, a lawyer, said there are already two doctors from Diamonds, adding that he wants more from the constituency, including the two from Lauders who have recently returned from studies.

“Medical doctors for South Central Windward, one doctor per village by 2020 is our goal,” he said, adding that the constituency is on track to meet that goal.

“Comrades, are we not proud of our achievements as a constituency? Are we not proud of the achievements of this great Unity Labour Party? Comrades, whenever we say four inna row, four inna row has deep, deep, deep meaning, and it must echo deep, deep down in my heart…” he said, quoting the ULP campaign slogan.

“I want to coin this phrase tonight: the ULP has transformed our infirmities into opportunities.”

Caesar, who is seeking a second term in office, said that his challenger, Addison “Bash” Thomas “is not and will not be a topic in this campaign

“Tell me how could a former teacher run for a party that does not support the education revolution? How can a teacher do that? We have no time to waste with losers. Bash is a qualified loser. A loser on the losing side in 2010 by over 500 votes,” said Caesar who told constituents that he will win by 700 votes in the next general elections, expected by year-end.

He told constituents to ensure that they are registered and speak to their relatives.

“I will knock on every heart and I will beat on every door and I will shout Labour. From Firebun to Maroon Hill, from Tululu Bayside to the foothills of Bon Homme in Greiggs, it’s Labour. Let us stay together, let us put on our red, and, as a comrade told me in Greiggs, when yo’ put on the red yo’ hurt up dem head,” Caesar said.

3 replies on “‘ULP has transformed our infirmities into opportunities — Saboto”

  1. Brown Boy USA says:

    Saboto, you sounding like the Comrade arrogant! You mean to tell me that you are the minister of agriculture, who was born and raise in a farming community and let agriculture go down the drain just like that? You built a market in the area for what, if farmers do not product any agricultural product or have customers or trafficers to sell there products to? Furthermore, you are from the area and you want to tell me that in this day and age Chapmans does not have electricity and you now looking into that? That should have been one of the first priority on your list when the people elected you, to ensure that the entire community has access to electricity and water. Then you talk about the physical infrastructure of the clinics, what the use to have an improve building with no medications and no proper equipment for the nurses and doctors to operate? That does not make sense Sabotot! The thing I do not understand with the ULP is that they criticize the NDP and say they spreading propaganda…Tell the people what are your plans for agriculture, because that’s what the people in the area knows, farming. Your are the minister of Agriculture, aren’t you but yet you said nothing about agriculture. Farming is what the people of area know and many of the farmers in that area were rich off agriculture, banana in particular. So they need proper market for their agriculture produce, that’s all they have, they need proper roads to get to and from their farms, the youths need proper jobs. How many of them you can employ when the airport is finished? Saboto, let us hear how you are going to provide those things for the people of North Central Window, and in the wider SVG. And stop telling the people to stop listening to NDP. Let the people listen to both sides and make their own decision. If you do what you have to for the people you shouldn’t be worry about what NDP is saying because your work and highlighting those achievements should be sufficient to ensure you retain your seat. Vincentian may look stupid but they know who has their interest and well being at heart by their actions not by their talking. Show us that you love us by your actions not by your words, and do the right thing for the farmers of the area and SVG on a whole.

  2. Regardless of all that nonsensical rhetoric people have no jobs, farmers have no income, children have no future and nothing to look forward to when they leave school.

    Remember this is the very person who said he had sold containers of fish and vegetable, they sent them off and never got paid for them. He also told the farmers to grow butternut squash because he had a UK buyer for them, that also was a failure.

    The only way the country folk will be able rescue themselves and their children’s future is to get rid of this man who is tainted by the family dynasty.

    One thing for sure there will be new industry in Georgetown if the NDP are elected, if they are not the poorest part of the country will continue to stagnate and in many cases go hungry.

    If they have been unable to make life better for the people during the last 14 years, giving them another 5 years will only extend your suffering.

  3. Bash is a dead on arrival in South Central Windward, largely because of dispensations from the Comrade.

    Caesar can just sit home and chill out for the rest of the pre-election and election campaigns and still win big time.

    If Sabato loses, surely the end times are upon us, as predicted in 2 Timothy 3:1-5:

    …”This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

    Can anyone deny that each of these Ungoldly features are alive and well in our beloved homeland?

    Maybe Caesar will be deposed after all.

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