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Vincentian allrounder Casmond Walters, left, and teammates in the UK.
Vincentian allrounder Casmond Walters, left, and teammates in the UK.
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Allrounder Casmond Walters is said to have had a productive debut season in the Bradford Cricket League in the UK, turning out for Bankfoot.

The 25-year-old top-order batsman recorded 607 runs in the 18 innings he went to the crease in the 20 matches his team played. He finished with an average of 33.72.

Walters, a right-handed attacking player, hit two centuries and four half-centuries with a highest score of 135.

He was the leading runscorer for Bankfoot who finished 8th in the 13 team League.

Walters also led the bowling with 25 wickets at just over 23 apiece.

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“It was a very good season, I have to say, since it was the first time I was playing in those type of conditions,” he said.

Walters said the first part of the season was a “bit cold” but this improved in the middle when the sun came out but the chilly weather returned towards the end of the season.

He said that he had to adjust his game to some extent since the ball moved about a bit and the pitches were mostly on the slow side.

“I had to play a little later than usual and keep my eyes on the ball all the time… My teammates also helped me along by advising me what to do”.

The Team Rivals all-rounder, who had many of his victims bowled or LBW, said that he tried to bowl a full length and on the stumps.

He said that he enjoyed the season not only with the cricket but the attitude of the team members who all made him feel welcome.

In addition to playing for Bankfoot, Walters also had outings with a few other units during his four-month stay in the UK.

One such unit was ON-Q in the Quaideazam League/Asian league where he hit an even unbeaten century in the first game he played.

He helped them win the Pro Elite T20 a tournament, which, he said, saw many of Pakistan’s top players turning up to play in their off time.

“It was a really a good experience playing against some of these top players.”

He also turned out for Ashton as a Sup-pro and scored 93 in his first match and picked up 6 wickets, got 64 and 3 wickets and scored 2 and picked up a wicket in his last match.

He also represented Twinnies Eleven in a 25 overs aside League, which they lost in the semi-finals of the T20.

He said that tallying all his runs and wickets he could easily have exceeded 1,000 runs and over 40 wickets.

Walters said that he is looking forward to a second season, possibly with Bankfoot or any of the Clubs with whom he played this year.

He declined the chance to play for SVG in the 2015 senior Windward Islands tournament choosing instead to travel to the UK.

“It doesn’t make sense I sit on the bench here while I can go and try and develop my game,” he said of his decision.

One reply on “Vincentian cricketer enjoys productive debut in UK league”

  1. Congratulations to Casmond Walters on his performances in an English Cricket League .
    I am saddened by the fact that he stated that he went to England , because he did not think that he was going to be selected to play for the Windward Islands Team .

    My take is that this is a serious indictment of the Windward Islands Cricket Board and its
    Selection Panel . Their treatment of Kenroy Peters over the years has been to put it mildly
    Shameful . The Windward Island Cricket Board , in my opinion is the Worst Cricket Board in
    the Region .

    Years ago , the Windward Islands Tournament had a duration of 4 days for each match . Tod , these days the Board has reduced that to 2 days . In essence , Players are expected to
    play 4 innings in two days , and despite this Stupidity , when Players fail , they are being criticized . These two days matches are hurting the performances & competitiveness of the
    Windward Islands Players & Team . This is totally unacceptable , because it seems that
    rather than making progress in Cricket in the Windward Islands , the Windward Islands has
    Regressed .

    In the days of Frank Mason ; Manning Jackson , Garnet Niles et al , the matches had a duration of 4 days , so if now the Windward Islands Cricket Board is mandating only a duration of 2 days , it is crystal clear that Cricket has Regressed .

    Perhaps there is an impediment that prevents the Windward Islands Cricket Board from Having functions in the 4 Islands ; and or seeking Financial Sponsors , if that is the case
    then the Windwards Board need to tell the General Public . Frankly in my opinion the Windward Islands Cricket Board is doing a disservice , to the Cricketers , and Cricket Fans
    in the Windward Islands .

    ” Where there is a Will there is a Way ” . This fact seems lost on those in the Windward Islands Cricket Board . I get the impression that people love the Perks & Prestige of being on the Board , but dislike having to do what needs to be done for the Cricketers in the Windward
    Islands to improve & be competitive .


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