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Jomo Thomas. (IWN photo)
Jomo Thomas. (IWN photo)

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In 2009, in a televised address, Jomo Thomas said “the leaders of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) are “cynical and reckless” and their actions “represent a clear and present danger” to the country.

Jomo Thomas at the time was the General Secretary of the People’s Movement for Change (PMC).

He went on to say “Vincentians should, therefore, begin to think and look beyond Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for leadership of the state”.

After ranting about the NDP and ULP leadership, he went on to say, “Gonsalves and his team are guilty of nothing short of political treason”.

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He said “the ULP looks at all of SVG’s problems in political rather than human terms”.

Thomas said “this modus operandi hamstrings SVG and makes it harder to advance the country”.

Thomas went on to say “the country would have been in a better position if the ULP “placed country above self and people before politics…

“The ULP leadership cursed and fought with the opposition rather than fight for the unity was necessary if constitutional reform was to be successful.”

Thomas continued: “Gonsalves was prepared to deliver a constitutional reform package only on his own terms and wishes…

“This is why in the campaign for the yes vote he alienated many persons by saying, ‘This is my gift to you.’…

Gonsalves’ “sins and errors” included the wastage of millions of scarce resources..

“Gonsalves also diverted the attention and efforts of the nation away from serious task of nation-building”.

The PMC through Thomas renewed its call for Gonsalves to resign from the Office of Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He said, “Your resignation will make room for rebuilding,” Thomas said, quoting a letter sent to Gonsalves.

He said, “citizens showed their disgust with the actions of politicians through the 600 spoilt ballots, twice the amount of the 2005 elections”.

“They exercised their right to vote, but refused to allow either Gonsalves or Eustace to place them in their voter bank.”

Thomas said whilst referring to the PMC: “our only desire is to place country above self and people before politics.

But all that sounded wonderful at the time, here was a tiny left wing PMC member attacking Gonsalves and he even wrote Gonsalves a letter telling him what you read above.

Later Gonsalves put him on a board or committee or two and then made him a senator.

At the time, in a letter published in the Vincentian Newspaper, one Garnet from N.Y. wrote:

“The lesson for me in all this is that Dr. Gonsalves has an uncanny ability to eventually win over anyone who seems to give him a run for his money. Jomo will now have to sing from the same song sheet as Dr. Gonsalves, regardless of how much he (Jomo) sings out of tune…

“I wonder if Jomo would be brave enough to call for Integrity legislation”. (See more)

It has often been said “everyman has his price”. It would seem to me Jomo Thomas was willing to abandon his fight for decency when at the invitation of Gonsalves he accepted a position and joined the ULP government as a senator. Now Gonsalves has him by the short and curly he has his man where he can control him.

Only in the few weeks he has shown his true colours when he repeated the phrase but changed the target player now describing Arnhim Eustace and the NDP as “a clear and present danger to St. Vincent and the Grenadines”. Isn’t that what he said about Gonsalves and the ULP? Well wasn’t it?

In the same speech, he went on to say, “The people of this country, across this land must be persuaded and convinced to say no to the NDP and yes to Ralph Gonsalves and the Unity Labour Party government”. Isn’t that a complete about turn? Didn’t he previously advise not to elect Gonsalves and the ULP?

My problem with Thomas is that he is now an official ULP candidate in the Leeward constituency of South Leeward. How on earth could anyone in that constituency support or vote for him? Because I put it to them this man just cannot be trusted because he has a pretty low price, changes horses to easily and his political views and opinions prove to be worthless.

Perhaps he is well suited to Gonsalves because Gonsalves is a self admitted liar and, using his own words against other citizens, is a “worthless dirty dog”, and Thomas just became one of his pups.

I am sure Thomas is one of those people Gonsalves will feed with a very long spoon. The other is Frank Da Silva who I have not yet worked out the price

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Peter Binose

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5 replies on “Is Jomo Thomas a clear and present danger to SVG?”

  1. Well said! The cry to put country before party seems to be echoed by those who seek their own selfish gains, in this case Jomo Thomas. It seems like patriotism is dead, loyalty to one’s country is a thing of the past. The tendency is to live well for today and to hell with the tomorrow and our children’s future. When we start to look at things in that light then society falls apart, and men like Jomo is quick to change their tune to cash in for a buck and don’t give a damn if the country goes to the dog! It’s time for us to realize that when a country fails, it affects everyone, including those with the power and money. Time for us to start stand on those principles which our fore-parents have set for us, which made us such proud Vincentians.

    Well written article.

  2. Kenton were you there when this photo was taken. Inside the building is an image of what appears to be a man wearing a shoulder holster with a gun in it.

    Is it an actual person? Is it a mirror with an image of someone in the building? Or is it a picture or photo?

    I think it is an actual person because if you look to the side of the laptop you can see more of the image.

    Are you able to throw any light on that please Kenton?

  3. Yea peter its amazing how things does change just like that they plan get rearrange as Cro Cro say. Another one is Winston Soso here you have him singing how the country need a change next thing you know he is culture ambassador. Really they are so short sighted that they cant see that they being silent.

  4. Jomo was right back then and what he said hold true today. This guy is very talented. I have observed this some time ago. It beats me how he could get involved with this group now. He was saying then what Canadians said before the election, “We want our country back”. He saw the writing on the wall, long before many people realize that Ralph wants to control everything in SVG. It’s all about him and his family; the majority of Vincentians don’t matter. When are some Vincentians going to realize they have been royally f..ked for many years? Ralph is a danger to all Vincentians. He’s minister of security, yet he has no plan to secure the country and it people from the criminal elements on the island. It is time Vincentians take back their country. This election is not about Ralph and his […] leadership, nor the leadership of Arnhim. This election is about SVG and its people.

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