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NDP politician Ben Exeter has brought the challenge to the election result. (iWN file photo)
NDP politician Ben Exeter has brought the challenge to the election result. (iWN file photo)

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is claiming that it won the Central Leeward seat and Wednesday’s general elections, contrary to the results that electoral officials announced Wednesday night.

Preliminary results published on the government’s website show that the incumbent unity Labour Party held on to the eight seats it had in the last Parliament to secure a fourth consecutive term in office, while the NDP won the remaining seven seat.

The results also show that the ULP’s Louis Straker won Central Leeward, securing 2,496 votes, compared to 2,182 for the NDP’s Ben Exeter.


But the NDP said in a Facebook post after the announcement of the results that they are “confident that we have won the general elections based on figures received by our various polling agents.

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“Our figures show that we won the Central Leeward seat by 6 votes, which means that we won the general elections by 8 seats to 7,” the NDP said.

“It is our understanding that the Unity Labour Party of Ralph Gonsalves is claiming victory.

Any such action is a brazen attempt by a dying regime to hold on to power against the wishes of the people.

“We in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will not let this injustice stand.

“We are calling immediately for a full investigation into the late night activities in Central Leeward and upon behalf of the ppl (people) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines we reserve all our rights in the matter,” the NDP said.

These are the candidates elected in Wednesday's election, according to the official results. (IWN image)
These are the candidates elected in Wednesday’s election, according to the official results. (IWN image)

In a subsequent statement, the NDP said the “official count is 7-7 with a recount for Central Leeward seat at the Layou Police Station.

“We are asking everyone who believes that the Hon. Arnhim Eustace is the best leader this nation has to offer, that he has your best interests at heart, that he genuinely wants to see SVG move towards prosperity and that we are ALL ONE PEOPLE then make your way to Layou tomorrow morning BEFORE 8 am. And let’s show what a mighty people we are and that we will NOT give in to dictatorship!

This is our stand for democracy and for a FREE and FAIR elections,” the party said.

The ULP, in an earlier statement, celebrated victory and announced that it had requested a recount in North Leeward, where the NDP’s Roland “Patel” Matthews retained the seat won by seven votes over the ULP’s Carlos James, a first-time candidate.

In South Leeward, the NDP’s Nigel “Nature” Stephenson held on to the seat, beating first-time candidate Jomo Thomas by 119 votes, according to figures published on the government’s website Wednesday night.

The state-owned Agency for Public Information said Wednesday night that Gonsalves will be sworn in as Prime Minister at Government House 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

6 replies on “NDP claims 6-vote win in Central Leeward, election victory”

  1. Win with Ben?

    Actually the ULP should have a recount in NLeeward and SLeeward and therefore ULP 10 NDP 5

    Then by-election in EKingstown after the weak and desperate resigns. So possible ULP 11 NDP 4 soon.

  2. 1. How could this happen with so many checks-and-balances and observers around?

    2. What do the various independent monitors have to say about the freeness and fairness of the election?

    3. Is the NDP trying to make SVG ungovernable by calling for some kind of direct action at the Layou Police Station?

    4. Doesn’t the NDP chronically call the elections rigged every time they lose but free and fair every time they win?

    5. Why have none of the NDP challenges of previous elections ever been successful?

    6. How you you spell “sore loser”?

    7. Why hasn’t Eustace not yet resigned as leader of the NDP and given up his thinly gained seat?

    8. Why was the election so close when the ULP governed so poorly?

  3. Both parties have a lot of work to do. The NDP, after coming close in the previous elections should have pounced on the chance to make inroads but instead involved itself in finger pointing and backyard politics. In my view, the ULP did a better job of meeting the people, at least on the campaign trail. The comrade skanked and charmed his way into people’s hearts while the NDP witch hunted. The comrade landing of LIAT at the AIA was a ploy that could have had an impact in the voting also, although in my opinion, it was nothing but smoke and mirrors. Did anyone question that a Liat could not land at AIA?
    A lot of questions should be asked by both parties as they wonder why the have a repeat of 2010. Internal changes need to be done, maybe leaders need to move on? It was a fight NDP had to win, instead it looks like the better prepared party won.
    Great elections! Non-violent for the most part. Kudos to whichever party takes over and wishing God’s blessing as they move the country forward.

  4. A few additional observations:

    1. This is just a face saving ploy to keep the base energized by deflecting attention away from the failings of the party, especially its leadership and election strategies.

    2. The positive policy message of the ULP resonated more with the electorate than the negativity emanating from the NDP.

    3. The role of social media such as this site and Facebook were negligible, contrary to the pre-election opinions of many pundits, myself included, mainly because most voters do not access the Internet or are not moved by social media opinions however well they may be articulated or substantiated by evidence.

    4. In poor countries like SVG, money counts a lot in winning elections. The ULP clearly outspent the NDP.

    5. Rejoicing by ULP supporters will be short lived as the fowls come home to roost: the election promises will be broken one by one; few new jobs will be created; the national debt will keep piling up; government bills will continue go unpaid; the airport at Argyle will remain incomplete; no new hotels or resorts will be built; the cost of living will keep going up; aid from donor countries will go down or dry up; agricultural production will continue to stagnate; health care will still deteriorate; and the crime level and murder numbers will keep going up.

    Sooner or later the populace will awaken from its drunken slumber and face the reality of a declining society and economy.

  5. Yeah right!

    Heard that before in 2001,2005,2010, and will be hearing more of this nonsense and rubbish right through until 2020. Lord help us all!

  6. This Ndp continues to try to fool people. And the thing is, some educated people buys this. I cant believe their supporters.

    Anyway , its simple, if they know they’ve won, then take up the matter in court and get it overturned.

    I bet nothing is taken to the court. Let’s wait and see.

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