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6 replies on “VIDEOS: Buccament Bay Resort workers strike over no pay”

  1. The imminent closure of the resort will be the next shoe to fall in SVG as our tourism economy continues to deteriorate.

    The eventual completion of Argyle International Airport will be the coup de grace as we finally get to know that this master stroke of a project was a total waste of money.

    1. You are quite right David and the sooner it opens the better because it will better to expose the truth now than later.

      This airport will be basically a very expensive replacement for Arnos Vale, the country bankrupted with a hundred years debt for all those brown nosed little aeroplane charterers to operate in comfort from, yes Pongo you are in that equation, looked at your nose lately?

      They extended the facilities at Canouan to facilitate 200 seat jets and none fly in there. That were millions wasted in Canouwan which could handled all our long haul passengers with 200 seaters two or three times a week.

      But no we have to have an airport to land 400 seaters which they originally told us would land at the rate of 10 a day. But I doubt if we will see five a year.

      David the only master stroke takes place during the phone tapes.

  2. Thanks Kenton, excellent videos. Now can we hear the next side of the story. We would appreciate it if you would investigate this for us. Interview the admins of the resort to see what they have to say.

    it would have been ideal if both arguments were published together so that the public can determine for themselves the true nature of the situation

    1. Shane, you seem to be living well, no hard times…money in the bank, eat drink and be merry and to hell with the others!!!!!!!
      People don’t demonstrate if life is nice, that is the simplest of math. Why is your thinking so lopsided????? and oh this the last time I reply to your nonsense.

  3. There has always been a lot of job turnover at the resort as one desperate batch of exploited (i.e., unpaid) workers is replaced by another.

    Isn’t this just a modern-day version of slavery where people are forced (today by economic adversity rather than physical bondage) to work for nothing while the present regime turns a blind eye.

    When was the last time the resort submitted an audited financial statement to the relevant authorities?

    Please tell us Theona Stapleton or have you been muzzled by your superiors?

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