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LIME community outreach
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“Thank you!” “God will bless alyo!” “LIME mek me see Christmas!” are some of the words of gratitude expressed to the “LIME Caravan of Care” as they journeyed from Fancy to Fitz Hughes delivering care packages.

This tradition of giving maintained by the telecommunications provider is now into its 16th year.

Members of the sales and marketing department delivered vital foodstuff and toiletries to shut-ins, indigent and needy Vincentians just in time for Christmas.

Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive Nikala Williams was a part of the expedition and said: “This continues to be a life-changing experience for everyone who volunteers from LIME.

“Some of these persons are disabled, live alone and sometimes hungry or in pain but still have the ability to smile, give God thanks and share a bit of humour.”

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All the recipients and even persons who did not receive the LIME care packages commended the company for its gesture of care and compassion to the persons in need; who ranged from orphans, to blind, crippled and bed-ridden individuals.

One pleased citizen commented: “In a time when most businesses looking to see how much they can get from their customers, it is refreshing to see LIME out here giving to people who can’t even help themselves.”

This was just one of the many ways that LIME Unwrapped Christmas throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines. Hundreds of customers received FREE gifts with their purchases, won shopping sprees, free credit for a whole year, free hams and so much more.