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LIMEPrepaid customers receive free data for life from telecommunications provider LIME, the company has announced.

Senior Marketing and Corporate Communications Executive, Nikala Williams, said: “Our free data gift does not discriminate at all. It is available to all existing and new prepaid customers. This is our reward to our customers for doing what they usually do — top up to stay connected — and we reward them with automatic free data just like that. No fuss, no opting in, no coming to the office.”

LIME said it customers are encouraged to complete their top up of $20 or more by the 5th of each month to automatically receive 50mbs of data free of charge. Williams said this free reward will continue for the duration of the relationship with LIME.

She said customers can access the company’s value-added data plans by dialing *129# from their mobile handsets.

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One reply on “LIME gives customers free data for life”

  1. Yes, for life….for as long as:
    1) the company is not sold
    2) as long as the present manager remains in place
    3) as long as Lime wants.

    If anything is given away free here I guarantee it will not be for the life of the customer, unless the company “pulls a Clinton” on those winners and their life will be shorter than it otherwise should be.

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