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Christopher Hepburn

The deceased, Christopher Hepburn, left, and his son, Dexter Hepburn, in an undated family photo.

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Police have released from custody Dexter Hepburn, the son of an elderly man who was found dead at their shared home last week Tuesday, March 1.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, detective Superintendent of Police Ruth Jacobs told iWitness News on Thursday that an autopsy concluded that 74-year-old Christopher Hepburn died of natural causes.

Relatives of the men and residents of their Central Kingstown community had said that Dexter, said to be taekwondo black belt, has a history of mental illness and had repeatedly beaten his father, including as recently as the weekend before his death.

Christopher was found dead after Dexter told a neighbour who had inquired about his father that the older man was inside the house dead.

Mentally ill man into polcie custody after his father was found dead

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