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Colin Graham in a 2016 iWN file photo.
Colin Graham in a 2016 iWN file photo.
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Pro-opposition activist Colin Graham remained in police custody late Friday evening, having been slapped with five charges after his arrest Friday morning.

His lawyers were hoping that he would be able to secure station bail, which some persons believed would be granted later Friday evening.

Police have charged Graham, whose DJ name is “The Hitman”, with failing to remove motor vehicle PS915 when requested to do so by a police officer in uniform at Arnos Vale on Friday, March 11.

Police say the vehicle was in such a position likely to cause obstruction to the free flow of traffic.

They have also charged that Graham, with being the driver of PS915, did willfully allow the said vehicle to stand on such a road so as to cause unnecessary obstruction to the free flow of traffic.

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Graham, a pro-New Democratic Party (NDP) activist, has also been charged that being the driver of PS915, he did fail to comply with the lawful direction given by a police officer in uniform when charged with the regulation of traffic.

He is also charged with causing inconvenience to the public in exercise of common right.

All the offences were allegedly committed on Friday at Arnos Vale.

Graham is also charged with being the driver of motor vehicle PS915, did fail to renew his driver’s licence on his birthdate on March 10th, 2016.

Graham is said to be an organiser of the “We the People” protest against he Unity Labour Party government and its policies which took place in Kingstown on Friday.

Later Friday evening, protesters gathered outside the Central Police Station in Kingstown, where Graham was being held, demanding his release.

Police and protesters clash in St. Vincent (+Video)

4 replies on “Pro-opposition activist Colin Graham slapped with five charges”

  1. Full respect to those that are protesting the vast corruption of the ULP government. Most of us are afraid to protest in public because of the blatant victimization of the ULP government. Thank You brave ones!

    1. Lostpet, sorry to disagree. The low turnout in Friday’s demonstration does not reflect fear of being victimized. Most of these people have nothing they can be victimized over. Conversely, many of the politicians attending have already been “victimized” by their loss at the polls.

      The general public — including many NDP supporters — believe one or more of the following:

      1. these protests are futile

      2. they are undemocratic (there was an election that already determined the will of the people)

      3. the NDP are childish sore losers

      4. the ULP won fair and square by outfoxing, outspending, outvoting, and out bribing the opposition

      5. the courts should be left to decide whether the election results should be overturned

      6. the ULP leadership does not want to face its own failures on the campaign trail and the unsuitability of its leader to be Prime Minister

      Your very own words could have been used to support the Road Block Revolution which was a success because the majority of the people were behind it even though James Mitchell held the majority of seats won in a fair and square election. Mob rule at its worst!

      The NDP is working on a “what goes round comes round” strategic philosophy which will backfire because the Comrade is too shrewd to let this get out of hand by setting the Mongoose Gang loose with tear gas, batons, rubber bullets, and worse thereby provoking a full-scale revolution, something certain NDP radicals may be trying to stir up knowing that this is their only hope of gaining power.

  2. So, accordingly, Colin Graham’s arrest which led up to five (5) charges on Friday came about because:
    (1) He failed “to remove his vehicle…when requested to do so by a police officer” on duty? Wrong!
    (2) His “vehicle was in such a position likely to cause obstruction to the free flow of traffic”? Wrong!
    (3) Failed “to comply with the lawful direction given by a police officer… charged with the regulation of traffic”? Wrong!
    (4) Also, “he was charged with causing inconvenience to the public in exercise of common right”? Wrong!
    (5) Driving with an expired license (“fail to renew”)? Wrong!

    Well! Well! Five wrongs! Nah! No way! No way! (Lock him up!)

    Did they give Colin Graham a “sobriety test”?
    Or! Did they check to see if he was “under the influence” of any drug?
    Or! Is Colin of sound mind and character?
    Or is Colin a “BAD MAN” or a “NINCOMPOOP”? … I’ll settle for “nincompoop”!

    And all of this (including Nice Radio “bawl out”) led up to all of this, and what I saw on “video” in front of the Police Station? (smfh)

    VINCENTIANS! ‘ALL YA HA IT TOO GOOD, TOO GOOD’! Bless de Comrade, and Charlie’.

    What a government, what a party! ULP FOREVER! Labour Love’s you! Labour Love’s you! DON’T DOUBT IT!
    SVG the Caribbean region’s most Democratic Nation!

  3. Then there are those who would like to see the Government declare war against its citizenry. Please allow citizens to protest peacefully. The protesting public must be careful to obey the laws of the land. Peaceful protests have effected change in many cases, but in some have drawn the wrath of unscrupulous dictators who govern. Be careful. Not everyone who says they love is truly loving. There is loving to distraction and there is loving to destruction. Peace my people.

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