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Top Row: (From Left) Shanique Alexander, Anya Frederick,Vakeesha John , Zenna Lewis.bottom Row: (From Left) Raneasha Loraine, Dahvana Providence, Jeanetta Richards, Nikianna Williams.
Top row: (from left) shanique alexander, anya frederick,vakeesha john , zenna lewis. Bottom row: (from left) raneasha loraine, dahvana providence, jeanetta richards, nikianna williams. (photos: facebook)

Eight “buoyant, bouncy, brave, bright, beloved, beautiful, brilliant, blessed and highly favoured children of a most high God” are undergoing training to compete in the Miss SVG 2016 pageant, slated for June 4.

Chair of the Carnival Development Corporation’s (CDC) Beauty Shows Committee, Cheryl Rodriguez, announced the names of the young women at a CDC press conference on Tuesday.

They are: Shanique Alexander of Fountain; Anya Frederick of Queens Drive; Vakeesha John of Layou; Zenna Lewis of Barrouallie; Raneasha Loraine of Georgetown; Dahvana Providence of Old Montrose; Jeanetta Richards of Golden Vale; and, Nikianna Williams of Lowmans Leeward.

She said the CDC will release their biographies and photos soon.

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The show will beheld at Victoria Park under the theme “A Combination of Passion and Brilliance.”

Rodriguez said that the contestants were selected in November 2015 and began training in January 2016.

Training includes exercise and body conditioning, stage presentation and pageant choreography, talent training, and interview and public speaking.

“Our sessions are intense and they are geared towards the holistic development of all the contestants. All contestants are working extremely hard on all their performances,” Rodriguez said.

“From our interaction with these young ladies over the past five months we have found them to be courageous, gorgeous, lovable, loving, optimistic, outstanding, unique, passionate, brilliant, confident, talented, dependable, smart, funny, respectful, humble, witty and strong.

“You may know them or you may not. All that matters is that they are our very own daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, school friend, co-worker, and lovely human beings both inside and outside. They deserve our support and we appeal to you to encourage them so they can remain focused and do well from here onward,” she further said.

The winner of the pageant will be awarded a university scholarship.

Since 2004 twelve (12) young women have benefitted from this award, by the Government and people of SVG.

In addition to the scholarship, the Miss SVG 2016 will represent the country in the Miss Carival pageant on July 1.

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  1. Let me use my physiognomical skills[wink wink], to pick the 2016 MS SVG:

    Tied-2nd runner-up-Anya & Zenna

    1st runner-up-Nikianna


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