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Veron Primus
Veron Primus is assisting police with their investigation into the alleged abduction.

Vermont resident Veron Primus, 29, is assisting police with their investigation in the reported adduction of fellow villager, 24-year-old Mewanah Hadaway.

Police took Primus into custody on Friday as they began an investigation into a report that Hadaway had been held against her will on the ground floor of a house in Vermont from Jan. 1 to last Friday, April 15.

She was reportedly held in a wooden area that had been constructed on the ground floor of the building, where the kitchen and dining area is located.

Primus lived in the house with his elderly, ill adoptive grandmother, and another elderly woman, who is said to have an intellectual disability.

A female neighbour of the household, who cares for the elderly woman who is ill, is said to have found a note in a medicine container, reportedly from Hadaway, saying that she was being held captive in the house.

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The police were summoned and Hadaway was found in the house, inside the wooden enclosure, which has a door, and a single window, which also forms part of the ground floor.

A police source confirmed to iWitness News on Tuesday that Primus was still in police custody, aiding their investigation.

The source, however, said that no charges had been brought against Primus up to late Tuesday.

However, the fact that Primus has been in police custody beyond the initial 48 hours that the law allows, suggests that police are considering bringing charges against him.

Vermont man reportedly held woman captive for months

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  1. Brown Boy USA says:

    With the current ULP administration running this country as mobsters, no wonder the people believe they can do what they want and get away with it, especially if you are an outspoken supporter of the ULP. This is just a tip of the ice-berg if the ULP administration does not enforce the laws of the country regardless of who you are and your party affiliation.

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