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Police on Tuesday said they were seeking the help of the public in determining the identity of a female body that was found floating at sea earlier that day.

A statement from the police said that an unidentified female was fished from the beach in Indian Bay about 6:30 a.m. and is at the Kingstown Mortuary.

“The police is soliciting the assistance of the general public who has missed a family member or friend to visit the mortuary to identify the body,” the statement said.

Someone who was present when the body was found told iWitness News that it was floating facedown in the water about 75 yards from the shoreline.

The police were called and arrived around 15 minutes later, iWitness News was told.

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2 replies on “Police seeking public’s help to identify woman’s body”

    1. 15 minutes? They must have teleported because they had to first kick a few rastas and then finish the Domino match.

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