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2 replies on “VIDEO: Beach access impasse continues in Canouan”

  1. Stupid man said making an agreement is not giving up your rights. If your rights are to walk to the beach dressed in whatever way you decide, and you agree to a dress code and to be taken to the beach in a gold cart instead of the right to walk, that is giving up your rights.

    What happens when they say you cannot cook on the beach?

    You cannot go to the beach unless you wear a ULP T shirt?

    You cannot go to the beach unless you speak Italian?

    You cannot go to the beach today because we have a special resort event today?

    You cannot eat pork on the beach because we have a Muslim family staying with us?

    You may say that is being silly, but is it, think about it. They want to make rules to restrict your rights, not to enhance your rights.

    Your rights are your rights and they should be non negotiable.

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