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Children pose for a photo on Gorée, an island off Dakar, Senegal that was once a transshipment point for slaves to the Americas. (IWN photo)

By Kenton X. Chance

I had the opportunity to visit Dakar, Senegal from April 22 to May 1, 2016. Here are some of the images I captured.

Senegal 5
Senegal is a modern port city in west africa that has retained many elements of its traditional past. (iwn photo)
For Centuries, Gorée Island Was The Last Glimpse That Million Of Slaves Got Of Africa Before Being Transported To The Americas. (Iwn Photo)
For centuries, gorée island was the last glimpse that millions of slaves got of africa while being transported to the americas. (iwn photo)



Hotels In Some West African Countries Had Been Targets Of Terror Attacks. Therefore, All Person And Vehicles Entering Hotels In Senegal Are Checked. (Iwn Photo)
Hotels in some west african countries have been targets of terror attacks. Therefore, all persons and vehicles entering hotels in senegal are checked. (iwn photo)
Musicians Beat Drums And Play Other Traditional Instruments To Welcome Visitors To Gorée Island. (Iwn Photo)
Musicians beat drums and play other traditional instruments to welcome visitors to gorée island. (iwn photo)

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A Man Carves Wooden Art Outside A Craftshop In A Slum Area Of Dakar. (Iwn Photo) a man carves wooden art outside a craft shop in a slum area of dakar. (iwn photo)
Extreme Recycling. Continue To Read To Find Out What Second Life Is Given To These Crown Covers. (Iwn Photo)
Extreme recycling. Continue to read to find out what second life is given to these crown covers. (iwn photo)
Senegal Is Home To Africa'S Tallest Monument: The 49-Metre African Renaissance, Was Built In North Korea, And Is Said To Have Cost Us$27 Million. (Iwn Photo)
Senegal is home to africa’s tallest monument: the 49-metre african renaissance, was built in north korea, and is said to have cost us$27 million. (iwn photo)
Artisan Look Out At Visitors To Gorée Island , Hoping For A Sale. (Iwn Photo)
Artisan look out at visitors to gorée island, hoping for a sale. (iwn photo)
It'S Not Uncommon To See These Brightly Painted Buses In Dakar. One Senegalese Said Some Of Them Could Be As Many As 25 Years Old. The Navigate The City'S Traffic Alongside Some Of The Most Modern And Luxurious Vehicles. (Iwn Photo)
It’s not uncommon to see these brightly painted buses in dakar. One senegalese said some of them could be as many as 25 years old. They navigate the city’s traffic alongside some of the most modern and luxurious vehicles. (iwn photo)
Why Throw Away Crown Covers When You Can Use Them To Make Comfortable Furniture? (Iwn Photo)
Why throw away crown covers when you can use them to make comfortable furniture? (iwn photo)
A Senegalese Woman, Dressed In Traditional Wear, Looks Out At Visitors To The Slave House On Gorée Island. (Iwn Photo)
A senegalese woman, dressed in traditional wear, looks out at visitors to the slave house on gorée island. (iwn photo)
A Man Sands A Wooden Carving Outside A Craft Shop In Dakar. (Iwn Photo)
A man sands a wooden carving outside a craft shop in a slum area of dakar. (iwn photo)
Many Taxis And Some Private Vehicles Have Some Horsehair And A Foot Of Children'S Footwear Attached To The Rear Underside Of The Vehicle. It Is Said That The Belief Is That The Paraphernalia Helps To Prevent Accident, When Increasing The Speed Of The Vehicle... (Iwn Photo)
Many taxis and some private vehicles have some horsehair and a foot of children’s footwear attached to the rear underside of the vehicle. It is said that the belief is that they help to bring good fortune, prevent accidents, even as they help the vehicle to travel faster. Apparently, like a horse… (iwn photo)


Completed Wood Carvings Inside A Craft Shop In Dakar. (Iwn Photo)
Completed wood carvings inside a craft shop in in a slum area of dakar. (iwn photo)
Children Play Table Football At A Roadside In Dakar. (Iwn Photo)
Children play table football at a roadside in dakar. (iwn photo)
Colourful Canoes Line The Shore On Gorée Island. (Iwn Photo)
Colourful canoes line the shore on gorée island. (iwn photo)
And Artisan And Customers Insider Her Shop On Gorée Island. (Iwn Photo)
An artisan arranges here wares inside her shop on gorée island. (iwn photo)
One Of The Views From My Hotel Room In Dakar. (Iwn Photo)
One of the views from my hotel room in dakar. (iwn photo)

Visit stirs memories of African Slave Trade

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