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The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Kelson Layne, 60, a farmer of Brownstown/Georgetown.

Reports are that about 9:10 a.m. on Monday, the deceased body was discovered with several stab wounds, at Brownstown.

A postmortem examination is expected to be carried out on the body.

This has brought to 15 the number of homicides for the year.

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11 replies on “Body of elderly farmer found with multiple stab wounds”

    1. You are right to comment. I have been to places with the same population as SVG and they average 1 murder per year. We have at least 1 murder per month, but closer to 1 murder per week. This murder rate would go down very much if we had leadership in SVG. They talk about job creation but if any jobs are created they are government jobs…the kind of jobs that cause a rise in taxes, thereby destroying private sector jobs. Taxes have to be lowered in order to create jobs. Gonsalves says taxes have to be raised to create jobs…We are truly lost!

    2. Watching Hard says:

      Considering that Trinidad has a population about fifteen times the size of ours then the murder rates of both countries are about the same for this year. Everyone responsible for national security in this country needs to be fired. Pan against crime and marching for peace isn’t going to do it. It is obvious that those responsible for peace and security in our land have no clue as to how to go about finding solutions or they are just not interested in finding solutions.

      1. They can start by giving the people something better to do than crime, for example, private sector jobs.. They can also give people a sense of pride. A government that uses excessive borrowing and begging to sustain the nation is not becoming of a proud people (pride and honour are different sides of the same coin), it is instead the opposite in SVG. How do we expect the people to have pride when the government is known as the biggest global beggar for loans. Failure of leadership is not going to induce positive change in SVG.

  1. The week is still young, maybe three more before Sunday Mr PM said him and his puppet Charles have a plan, but they not gonna put the information as to how to curb crime… Hmmm.. SVG may need a new name… The killing Field

  2. C. ben-David says:

    A lot of people, without any evidence, want to attribute this increase in murder rate to increases in poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

    This myth ignores that we had a negligible murder rate decades and centuries ago when all of the above were much higher.

    Also ignored is that there are many countries all over the world with very low homocide rates but at least as high rates of poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

    If there are overarching determinative factors they include the nature of parenting and family life, community solidarity and its tolerance for and reaction to criminality, and the emergence of mindless consumerism based on capital accumulation and status enhancement via illegal activity, especially the sale of prohibited drugs, an activity that has exacerbated the ownership and use of firearms.

    No government — ULP, NDP, Green, etc. — can do very much about any of this.

    1. Watching Hard says:

      This link says differently.

      Government isn’t powerless in this. There is a lot more that they can do. What is the purpose of the police force then? I don’t think that the values and social cohesion issues in some New York subcultures are any different from those in SVG. These sub culltures both in NY and SVG are spaces where the no snitching rule is the order of the day. Yet they are able to get a constant decrease in the crime rate rate in NY.

      The police need to get off their lazy asses, properly investigate crimes and make arrests. They also need to make a concerted effort to get guns off the streets. Of course this is not merely a law enforcement issue but there are social policies that can be put in place to try to encourage stronger families and greater social cohesion at the village level. We need to try harder to discourage teen pregnancy as they are ill equipped to parent properly. We need to create more employment. We need proper role models. We need to root out crime at the top. This will have an effect on crime levels at the bottom. The government is not powerless. They are just indifferent.

    2. I have to disagree. Poverty does have something to do with the crime rate and murder is a crime and often related to poverty. And government IS responsible to influence a reduction in crime. Churches are not what they used to be hundreds of years ago and history has proven that GOOD government is effective in reducing crime. A corrupt government does not set a good example.

  3. Poor social and economic policies by governments = high crime rate, high unemployment rate, high dependandency on handout from the state. No airport is going to solve these mostly man-made problems.

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