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Sir Louis Tsai

Sir Louis Straker and Lady Straker greeted by President Dr. Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President Chen.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Sir Louis Straker led the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) delegation that attended the inauguration of Taiwan’s first female president, Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei on May 20.

Sir Louis and Tsai held bilateral talks on May 21.

During the meeting, Sir Louis relayed a congratulatory message to Tsai on behalf of the government and people of SVG.

Noting that both countries will this year mark 35 years of diplomatic relations, Sir Louis expressed appreciation for the co-operation, adding that it benefits both countries. He further stressed that SVG is fully committed to the continual collaboration with Taiwan.

Tsai welcomed the delegation led by Sir Louis and congratulated him on returning to politics since last December.

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She said Taiwan appreciates the solidarity and unwavering support rendered by the Vincentian people and their government over the years, especially in the realm of Taiwan’s participation of international organisations.

The Svg Delegation Met With President Tsai At The President Office. From Left: Sen. Debroah Charles, Sen. Luke Browne, Lady Lynda Straker, Sir Louis Straker, Official Interpreter, President Tsai Ing-Wen, Min. David Lee, Deputy Secretary General Of President Office Amb. Harry Tseng, Director General Of The Latin American And Caribbean Affairs Amb. Li-Jey Tsao.
The svg delegation met with president tsai at the president office.
from left: sen. Debroah charles, sen. Luke browne, lady lynda straker, sir louis straker, official interpreter, president tsai ing-wen, min. David lee, deputy secretary general of president office amb. Harry tseng, director general of the latin american and caribbean affairs amb. Li-jey tsao.

Tsai said she is delighted to see that both countries share a strong commitment towards building stronger and closer political, economic and cultural relations. She promised that under her administration, the ties between the two countries will be further strengthened.

The SVG delegation that visited Taiwan from May 18 to 22 included Lady Lynda Straker, Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Sen. Luke Browne, and Parliamentary Secretary in the Minister of Education, National Reconciliation and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Sen. Debroah Charles.

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  1. Avatar Of Luther BonadieLuther Bonadie says:

    Could anyone envision that ( LAZY, DUMB ASS, UNAWARE, USELESS, EUSTACE )

    standing there representing St. Vincent.

      1. Avatar Of Luther BonadieLuther Bonadie says:

        What, Lostpet, You are now judge and jury of elections.
        Hear this, put up or shut up.

  2. Bonadie to send a man who is holding a constituency seat that may well have been stolen by persons currently unknown is an insult to the president. If it is proven the seat was subject to fraud he must take responsibility for that just as if he did it himself. At that time the Queen should be lobbied through her Forfeiture Committee asking them to advise the Queen to strip him of his Knighthood.

    In fact this mans black Vincentian ancestors kept slaves there is documentary evidence of such held in the Kingstown registry. He should be paying reparations on behalf of his ancestors and family.

    As for Mr Eustace he is none of the things that you chose to call him that is part of the nasty ULP propaganda machine to try and fool the people about his competence. Arnhim Eustace is a hardworking and ultra honest individual. He has never been accused of sex assaults by numerous women and he has never been charged with sexual assault or rape.

  3. SVG is right there licking boot for table scaps as Taiwan gets the better end of the bargain making millions and billions flying SVG flags on their fishing fleets as they deplete the oceans in our name. “What a government!”

    1. So on point here. They got jacked and don’t even know it. SVG Citizen reminds me of a childhood story the Emperors New clothes, these folks are being taken on a ride by their Ali Baba king for 15 years and still they can’t see it.

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