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IMG_1967New York State Senator Leroy Comrie has honoured Vincentian author Sherryann Frederick, writer of “A Heartfelt Moment”, a book that chronicles her experience undergoing open-heart surgery.

The book was published and launched in September 2015.

Frederick, who lives in New York, was given the award during the 2nd Annual Women Authors Honorary Luncheon.

She was given a “Proclamation” as being an individual worthy of the highest respect and esteem, who has noble aims and accomplishments, to publicly proclaim and commend her for edification and emulation of others.

This honour was also given for outstanding leadership and exemplary community service.

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Addressing the gathering, of over 150 guests, Frederick said: “To be considered for this honour, is way beyond my wildest imagination. When I decided to write, “A Heartfelt Moment”, I never thought that I would touch so many lives. I consider this a very prestigious honour and one that I hope will encourage others, to always work hard and strive for the top. Through struggles and the fear of criticisms I was still able to accomplish one of my many dreams and aspirations.”

Frederick is also an ordained minister and marriage officiate and President and CEO of Bethel Frederick Foundation, and the treasurer of Progressive Friends of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

As part of her contribution to her birthplace, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Frederick plans are to assist financially persons who are suffering from heart disease and are in need of surgery but may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Additionally, her aim is to provide counselling and emotional support, to heart patients and their families.

She continues to provide scholarships annually through the Bethel Frederick Foundation to the students of the Lowmans Windward Anglican School, who are successful in the CPEA exams.

Vincentian writes book about her open-heart surgery experience