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St. Vincent Brewery Limited has announced the launch of its Vincy Mas 2016 marketing initiative.

The under-the-crown promotion is dubbed “Feel D Beat” and the company says it captures elements of carnival and the celebration of music, especially local music.

The promotion will run for five weeks and will end on July 9.

The prizes will include Hairoun branded headphones and bluetooth speakers, free Hairoun beers, carnival costumes, show tickets, Hairoun branded gifts and cash.

The cash prizes are in the denominations of $10, $20 and $50.

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All prizes are won instantly when a consumer of legal drinking age buys a Hairoun beer and look under the crown to win.

The prizes are redeemable at the St. Vincent Brewery Limited in Campden Park and from any Hairoun sales truck and participating outlets nationwide.

“The yearly promotions put on by Hairoun always cater to the everyday needs of its patrons, offering an element of practicality in every prize,” said CND Operations Sales & Marketing Manager, Shafia London-Williams.