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Skinny Fabulous2

Skinny Fabulous during his winning Ragga Soca finals performance in 2016. (Photo: Zavique Morris-Chance/IWN)

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The following ragga soca artistes have been selected from the preliminaries to compete in the Ragga Soca competition scheduled for Saturday July 2 at the Victoria Park commencing at 9 p.m.

  1. Shaunelle “Shaunelle” Mc Kenzie – “Wet & Wild”
  2. Hance John – “Zone”
  3. Raeon “Maddzart Fete King” Primus – “Function”
  4. Kamara “Keido” Foster – “Frass”
  5. Chewalee Johnson — “Rumist”
  6. Shane “Hypa 4000” Husbands & Kevin Lyttle — “Burn Up De Road”
  7. Jamarie “L Pank” Stapleton — “In The Water”
  8. Ozarie Matthews – “Bend Ova”
    Phillip “Wetty Beats” Bastien – “Under Dog”
  9. Lancelot “Mad Skull” Gloster – “Doh worry”
  10. Keith Currency – “Fetter”
  11. Claydon “Dymez” Roache — “Malice”

Band: Vikings

All artistes are asked to attend a meeting at the CDC’s office in Victoria Park on Thursday, June 23 at 4 p.m. A representative of the band Vikings is also asked to attend.