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Miss Carival 2015, Miss SVG -- De Yonté Mayers?. (IWN photo)
Miss Carival 2015, Miss SVG — De Yonté Mayers?. (IWN photo)
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Miss Carival 2015 De Yonté Mayers makes her final walk on Saturday.  (IWN photo)
Miss Carival 2015 De Yonté Mayers makes her final walk on Saturday. (IWN photo)

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) says that it cannot afford to pay for Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Miss Carival 2015, De Yonté Mayers’ participation in the Miss Universe pageant.

Mayers hinted her displeasure with elements of her reign as she made her final walk as Miss Carival on July 1, less than one month after a new Miss SVG was crowned.

“As I leave, I wait patiently for promises made to be fulfilled and for the opportunity to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in international pageants,” Mayers said.

At the post-Vincy Mas 2016 press conference this week, it was noted to the CDC that Mayers had hinted at dissatisfaction with some elements of her reign.

In response, chair of the CDC, Denis Ambrose, said that Mayers had opted not to participate in the Miss Jaycees 2015 pageant in Antigua.

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“Because, of course, she would [have been] competing with some of the same competitors whom she … faced at the Miss Carival and, of course, going there to compete with the same competitors and perhaps if you are not successful, it may put you in a very difficult position, very uncomfortable,” Ambrose said.

He told the media that Mayers requested to participate in the Miss Universe pageant.

He noted that the CDC had facilitated Shivern Peters and Laverne Fraser’s participation in that pageant

“But all this is based on the CDC’s financial standing. For 2016, CDC being the franchise holder for Miss Carival, we affiliated De Yonté’s request by making inquiries when the pageant was going to be held and getting all the necessary forms and documents so that we could have her sign them up.

“We even said to her that the CDC was not in a financial position so if sponsorship could be sought, we had no problem at all. And we have been facilitating that. Nothing has come of it to this point,” Ambroise said.

“So, it is not that we have not honoured [her] request, it just means that there were some peculiar situations in regards assisting her, facilitating her request to participate in Miss Universe 2016,” he told the media.

Miss Carival 2015 still waiting ‘for promises made to be fulfilled’

5 replies on “CDC can’t afford to send De Yonté to Ms Universe pageant”

  1. What else is new! With all the money in the Leadership of your Country pocket, come come CDC , do your normal Vincy thing… Beg Beg Beg

  2. Another result of Keynesian Socialist Economics. All readers should research this form of Socialism and compare it to Supply-side Economics (which SVG should be using). Our form of socialism takes the fruits of labor away from the people in the form of high Customs duties and taxes and on top of that uses excessive borrowing (from the countries future) and takes that money and puts it where the government wants it. Supply-side Economics gives heavy incentives to the people and business and allows them to use the fruits of their labor.
    Compare SVG to Singapore and you will see the difference between Keynesian Socialism and Supply-Side Economics.
    The USA started as the first Supply-Side Economy, now it is part Keynesian and mostly Fascist Economics.
    You will begin to see why SVG is sinking economically, along with poor planning and management.

  3. This lady is an important contributor to SVG tourism. The tourist board should pay up and stop damaging the tourist business with their failure to do what it right. In fact the whole of carnival should be tourist board sponsored and funded its the only tourist produce that we have left.

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