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Miss Carival 2015 De Yonté Mayers Makes Her Final Walk On Saturday. (Iwn Photo)
Miss carival 2015 de yonté mayers makes her final walk on saturday. (iwn photo)

Miss Carival 2015, Vincentian De Yonté Mayers ended her reign on Friday night seemingly somewhat unhappy.

“As I leave, I wait patiently for promises made to be fulfilled and for the opportunity to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in international pageants,” she said in the recording played as she made her final walks.

Mayer’s speech seemed unusually short for a final walk.

In it, she said, “Sweat, blood, tears, ambition, dreams, sheer determination. These are the authors that penned the tale of my Miss Carival 2015 experience. It was no fairytale.

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“It was the story of a promise made and of eight years of reaching for the crown but falling short,” she further said.

It was, however, not clear what Mayers was referring to in this statement.

By winning the crown, Mayers, who was 19 at the time, ended a six-year stint in which SVG failed to win the regional pageant.

“It was not just the story of me, but the story of us, Vincentians,” Mayers said.

She then thanked those who contributed to her winning the pageant, including, God, the Carnival Development Corporation and its Beauty Shows Committee, her family and friends, Mustique Company, and her supporter in SVG and elsewhere.

“As my time as the reigning Miss Carival draws to an end, I look forward eagerly to crowning my successor. I wish you the best as you walk away tonight. Your win did not come easy. There were setbacks. I know. But wear your crown proudly and be confident in your accomplishments,” Mayers said.

“I leave you with these words: real beauty isn’t just about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.

“As I leave, I wait patiently for promises made to be fulfilled and for the opportunity to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in international pageants. Thank you. St. Vincent and the Grenadines for allowing me to be your ambassador,” she said.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Djennicia Francis won Saturday’s show.

Trinidadian beauty returns to ancestral home, flogs Vincy hostess

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2 replies on “Miss Carival 2015 still waiting ‘for promises made to be fulfilled’”

  1. Exactly just one of the things that is wrecking the Vincy carnival with figures dropping year on year, some of the events have been pathetic and Kingstown has been deserted by 10.30 pm.

    Small food and refreshments vendors having to pay $400 dollars and hardly getting back what they paid for stock. There is no profit in nothing.

    Flip flop just like Doctor Salt, flip flop.

    1. Miss Mayers sounds very smart for a beauty queen. In fact the Vincentian beauty queens all seem more intelligent than for example those in the USA. I believe I know what she means by “promises made and yet to be fulfilled”. Think of a politician that promises jobs to improve the lives of Vincentians but has never done anything except destroy jobs.
      Your remarks about Carnival are a good example of the decline of the economy. Less jobs makes everything bad. It influences crime as well as education. Our bad political leaders and incompetent policies are the main reason why more people leave SVG than come here to live. people earn less and less but the government wants (and gets) more and more. I guess this is what is meant by “I love the people”….more like…love taking the fruits of the people’s labour for my luxury lifestyle.

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