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Vincentian swimmers, Nikolas Sylvester, left, and Izzy Shné Joachim.
Vincentian swimmers, Nikolas Sylvester, left, and Izzy Shné Joachim.
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SVG Swimming Federation has announced that two of its best swimmers have been selected to represent the country at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Aug. 5 to 22.

The two are Nikolas Sylvester and Izzy Shné Joachim.

Sylvester, who has just graduated from the St. Vincent Grammar School and who is only 16 years old, has been the federation’s top male swimmer for the last several years.

He has represented SVG at numerous regional Swimming Championships as well as the Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games and several World Championships. Sylvester will swim in the 50-metre freestyle race at the Olympics.

Joachim, who is also 16, is the Federation top female swimmer, Carifta record holder and has recently won the 50-meter Breaststroke in the Caribbean Swimming Championships in the Bahamas.

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She will swim the 100-metre breaststroke event.

“These two youngsters are likely to be among the youngest swimmers at the Games and we understand that while they are unlikely to be medallists at these Olympics, they will do their best to represent SVG with pride and will put forward their very best efforts. Nik and Shné are gold medallists in our hearts. Best of luck to both of you and to Team SVG,” the Federation said.

6 replies on “Two Vincentian swimmers selected for Rio Olympics”

  1. Brown Boy USA says:

    I wish our two young talented swimmers all the best in the Olympics.

    However, I wish to caution and condemn the federation’s statement that: “…we understand that they (the athletes) are unlikely to be medalists at the Olympics…” REALLY!!! What kind of message are sending to these young athletes – that we are sending you out to compete but we know you not going to win! What sort of foolishness is that.

    Usain Bolt is from Jamaica, another Caribbean country, and he is regarded as the fastest runner in the world. If the Jamaica sporting federation and people didn’t believe he could win, do you think Usain Bolt would have been where he is today?

    Vincentian coaches and mentors of our athlete must be cautious and understand the importance of not only the physical preparation of our athletes but the mental preparation as well. Such utterance could impact our athletes negatively as they would not see themselves competent enough to win against international athletes. Words are very powerful and negative utterance of any sort to our athletes should not be part of our vocabulary.

    We must make our athletes know and understand that they are the best and can win again anyone they complete against, no matter how good those opponents are or from what country they represent . A winning athlete is not determine by where a person comes from or which country they represent, but rather from the dedication, hard work, determination, strong will and a firm belief that they are the best and can win against all comers.

    It is time that we instill that kind of attitude in our people and our athletes, that regardless of the disadvantages they faced in terms of proper training facilities, that they are as good as any another athlete on this planet. Stop short circuit our young athletes with your careless utterance, which makes them feel inferior to other international athletes.

  2. Congratulations to these two Youngsters . Congratulations is also due to the two Athletes who are also going . Congratulations is also due to one of Marva Prescod ‘s daughters , for those
    who do not know Marva Prescod , she is a Vincentian who emigrated to New York, was a Registered Nurse , and studied Law .

    The daughter who is going to the Olympics , is representing the USA in Fencing . My understanding is that she is a very good Fencer . She learnt the art of Fencing at the Peter Westbrook Foundation , an entity that teaches Youngsters Fencing .

    Some people may be unaware of the fact that Peter Westbrook ,is an African American, a native of Brooklyn , NYC and was the first African American to represent the USA in Fencing
    at the Olympics .

  3. well well i must say am well feeling proud to hear about this, congratulations are in order and hope you younsters do well. your best is all we can ask for and although you are young and may have many years ahead, please learn from this experience. most of all enjoy yourselves. PROUD TO BE VINCY

    sometimes i cant even be bothered to reply on some statement these people does make, so i just look at the bigger picture, 2 youths gonna represent.

  5. Good luck to both of them but they should beware of the danger too. The Olympics shouldn’t be allowed to continue if that is the state of everything I mean everything that could cause the harm to the athletes. It’s disgusting, Rio had plenty of time to get this right before hand. If they didn’t have funds then why bid. More updates on sports events here.

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