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4 replies on “Video: Police chief Michael Charles speaks about his sole regret”

  1. Having watched the video I am amazed that a mumbling bumbling man whose English is third rate should have ever been chief of SVG Police. His appointment just must have been a political appointment because if he came to me for a job of any kind he would not get it.

    As for his regret of attending the Sion Hill ULP rally in his ULP Party uniform and dancing the skank, that just points further to his childlike mind and immaturity and his unsuitability to be Chief of Police. Any man in his position who made such a choice or decision cannot be the full ticket.

    I have asked this before did COP Charles at any time receive training in Cuba?

  2. skeckpalmer says:

    I thought his regret was not arresting Ralph for the alleged rape of one of his police women. His action or non-action has opened a Pandora box on rape in SVG. Now I know why Kenton’s articles about the police are so damn tame. This video backs up my previous statement about Kenton’s dealing with the goon squad.

  3. TeacherFang says:

    Was there ever been a public apology issued by the PC for his Donaldtrump moment at Sion Hill? I can’t recall.

    What I can recall is the asinine explanation for being dressed from head to toe in the ULP colors flashing signs like Lil Wayne. Any fifth grader would have told you as the PC, you shouldn’t be seen or heard at any political rally, given the political atmosphere that exists in vincyland.

    Good riddance to …. bring the next joker… nothing in the way the police operate with the public would fundamentally change…

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