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The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has just witnessed a transformation of leadership within its hierarchical structure. Mr. Renold Hadaway will now act as Commissioner of Police, perhaps until January 2017 and Mr. Colin John is the new Deputy Commissioner of Police, which may eventually lead to the post of Commissioner come January 2017.

As we assess these two new appointments, one must ask the questions, “Was Hadaway not trustworthy enough to be given the nod over Charles? Or was it that the Prime Minister had more confidence in Charles and thought that he would do a better job even though Hadaway was by far the most qualified, having been trained in law?” Hadaway must have felt bad. However, he would be happy now holding the post of Commissioner even though it may not be for long. On the other hand, why did the Government find it necessary to return a man who has left the organisation to fill the post of Deputy Commissioner of Police and overlook those presently in the organisation?

Are we to believe that the loyal and faithful ACPs such as Benjamin, Joseph, and Sampson, the superintendents and assistant superintendents, that none of those persons are capable of handling the position of Deputy Commissioner? If, in fact, they are not capable, how did they get to those positions in the first place?

This must be an insult to them and they should feel bad within themselves that they have been overlooked to fill this position. In fact, they should be ashamed of themselves. Mr. John, who left the organisation as a station sergeant and having completed his law degree, was appointed as Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions. His new appointment as Deputy Commissioner creates a number of questions.

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First, what does this move bring to the morale of those men in the hierarchy and the trickle-down effect of discipline within the organisation? Would they fully support the policies of the new leaders or would they try to undermine them? Further, is Mr. John best suited for this position? Whilst he might be very well-qualified for the post, is he experienced enough? Does he have the mental capacity or the level of maturity for this post? Based on observation, this is someone whose dress code leaves much to be desired (with particular reference to the wearing of earring) especially when it comes to discipline within the organisation. Does he have the love for the people he now leads? And most importantly, is it just a continuation from where the former leaders left off or are we going to see some more meaningful changes, especially with the current crime situation in our country? I guess only time will tell.

The Spectacle Man

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

5 replies on “Some questions about the new leadership of the SVG Police Force”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Good comments but you miss the most important issue, namely the inappropriateness of the Prime Minister being able to fill all these high ranking law-and-order positions, including the Director of Public Prosecution, with his own hand-picked people.

    A truly democratic and independent justice system can only be based on a transparent and independent separation of powers, not the concentration of all power in the hand of one man, the Prime Minister.

    This is is why people call countries like SVG “elected dictatorships.”

  2. What did Colin John didn’t do that caused him to be demoted back to policing which he elevated himself from?. His ‘status’ has surely been reduced by his removal from a position that a police/lawyer would work towards and would NOT think of going back to their previous occupation, never. Colin would just have to bear his grind because the wrath of the cult are just phone calls away.

    1. Perhaps he refused to dance the skank.

      ks784 its been a long time welcome back.

      You may be right with your observations. But it could also be for the opposite reason. He is being put back there because he is totally controllable. Perhaps he is a dynasty robot.

  3. Spot on David.

    But what we should keep our eye on is the reward. The special amazingly well paid retirement jobs or positions that are made for all these people who do as they are told without question.

    It’s actually quite nasty when you think about it David. The rewarding of the yes men.

    Look at the speaker of the house who now has an even better paying job in charge of National Properties.

    Look at everyone of them the ongoing financial reward is quite amazing when others outside the dynastical oversight are treated so badly.

  4. I like that David! This is why the judiciary is SVG is a total failure. One example was when Ralph was accused of rape and the DPP didn’t allow him to defend himself before a judge. The next thing that comes to mind is something Ralph bragged above: “Folks may take an issue to court but they still have to come to Papa” (or words to that effect).
    SVG is in serious trouble where Ralph and Camillo got rid of the Queen, control the judiciary and the goon squad and now the cybercrime bill to control anyone who question or disagree with his dictatorial, draconian, and vindictive ways.

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