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Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sen. Deborah Charles is "Hitler" at home. (IWN photo)
Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sen. Deborah Charles is “Hitler” at home. (IWN photo)

Not many persons might be pleased to be associated with the name “Hitler”.

But Sen. Deborah Charles, who is Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Reconciliation and Ecclesiastical Affairs, told Parliament on Friday that “Hitler” is her name at home.

“I’m inquisitive. They call me Hitler at home. That’s fine,” she said during the debate of the Cybercrime Bill.

The name “Hitler” is almost always understood to mean Adolf Hitler, the German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party and was responsible for the extermination of six million Jews during the Holocaust from Jan. 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945.

Charles entered politics last year after 30 years of teaching and used the name “Teacher Debbie” during the campaign for the Dec. 9 general elections.

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She contested the West Kingstown seat on behalf of the ruling Unity Labour Party but was rejected by constituents in her bid to unseat the opposition New Democratic Party’s Daniel Cummings, who was re-elected for a second term in office.

Charles was appointed a senator and junior minister of education on Dec. 29, 2015.

8 replies on “At home, Sen. Deborah Charles is ‘Hitler’”

  1. Deborah Charles is “inquisitive” so she’s called “Hitler” and that’s OK with her.

    Well it’s either Deborah Charles or her home circle (or both, and I suspect it’s both) know nothing about Hitler and his activities.

    Inquisitive? Hitler? What was he inquisitive about? How much poison gas it takes to kill one million people? How hard and how long he could work half-starved people before they dropped down dead? How quickly dead bodies can be incinerated? How many works of art, how much jewelry, or even how much gold from the teeth of the dead could be appropriated by the state from the people he killed? I suppose you could say that one of his officers, the notorious Dr Josef Mengele, was inquisitive too. He carried out experiments on prisoners in Auschwitz concentration camp. He just wanted to know more – about genetics for example. Just another “inquisitive” Nazi. To use the term “inquisitive for these men is like calling the Satan a naughty little boy.

    1. Sorry, but you have been brain-washed into believing just what the Global Establishment wants you to believe, instead of believing the truth. I suppose you also believe in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Please look up Operation North Woods, Operation Gladio, Saddam Hussein’s Nukes, How often will you allow yourself to be fooled?

      1. Lostpet I somewhat lost at what you are trying to prove about what Pat wrote about Adolf Hitler.

        Are you actually saying it is untrue, because if that is what you are saying that in some countries is a crime for which you can be prosecuted.

        What is strange is that Germans in whose country much of this happened it admitted and recognized as had happened. They must know it was their ancestors that did it.

      2. I take it that “Lostpet” has NOT been brainwashed by the Global Establishment – whoever or whatever that might be. And that 6milliom people were NOT killed by the Nazis. And that Dr Mengele did NOT conduct experiments on prisoners. And that And that the Nazis did NOT appropriate valuable works of art, for example, from the people who were sent to concentration camps? And all the pictures of emaciated survivors found in concentration camps were all just posed to besmirch thos good Nazia
        You cite a number of clandestine plans/operations, none of which have anything to do with the Nazi crimes during the second world war. My dear “Lostpet” countries, especially great powers throughout the ages, have been involved in clandestine operations. That they have done so does not mean that atrocities reported after a war are all the false accusations. In that case we would have to agree that the massacres of Tutsi and Hutu opponents of the regime in Ruanda just did not occur. Nor did the killing of millions by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Or for that matter that nobody has actually been killed in the current civil war in Syria. And all those fleeing that benighted country are just economic migrants. Are all those reports the work of the Global Establishment?

      3. As Peter has said, even Germans (not all it’s true) and their governments have agreed that the Nazis committed atrocities – that’s one of the reasons they are so chary of having the military involved in civilian counter terrorism. But presumably they too have been brainwashed by the Global Establishment. Poor Germany. They were all innocent of these accusations and now they themselves have been brainwashed into believing them. How muc more can they suffer?

  2. I agree Pat, but how can we have a person who is so ignorant of the facts in Parliament.

    As for being involved in education it makes me shudder.

    Patrick I am sure if Frank was NDP still he would lambaste this woman’s ignorance with a few choice words.

    Franks problem is he is a turncoat of the worst kind.

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