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St. Vincent Brewery Limited, bottlers of a wide range of other beverages, in its quest to introduce a fresh new label to Hairoun Beer.

The company has launched a campaign that will permit the drinking public an opportunity to select a new label from a list of four labels.

Consumers will be asked to vote for their favorite label via three simple platforms:

  1. Select a voting card at the Hairoun Beer Gondolas at one of your local Supermarkets, vote and drop the ballot into the specially marked Hairoun boxes.
  2. Like your favorite label on Instagram: Hairounbeer SVG and Facebook: Hairoun Beer
  3. Vote and win prizes at Hairoun Beer special trade events during the campaign.

The campaign ends Sept. 2.

A person must be 18 years or older to participate.

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2 replies on “Hairoun Beer in search of new label”

  1. Hairoun is the best beer ever… I just wish I could get it here in the US. i’ve always liked “Our Island; Our Beer, ” and confess that I’ve snagged more than one coaster displaying the same.

    Don’t care much what the label is, so long as what’s inside remains the same…

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      Go to your beer store, and tell them you’ll like to have Hairoun beer imported and they will.

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