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(Statement by Dr. The Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines)

Gonsalves, Right, And Castro. (Internet Photo)
Gonsalves, right, and castro. (internet photo)

It is with a deep and heart-felt sadness that the Government and the People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines learnt of the news of the death, last night, November 25, 2016, of our dear friend and comrade, Commandante Fidel Castro Ruz, the former President of the Republic of Cuba.

Known to the people of Cuba and the world simply and affectionately as “Fidel”, this iconic revolutionary successfully led the political process to unshackle Cuba from a debilitating imperialism and he strove to establish a just and inclusive society in his people’s interest, free of exploitation. The Cuban people loved him; and, so, too, we in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean, Latin America, and indeed the world over.

For over 50 years Fidel led his people and others globally in a quest for a better world of justice, equality, and genuine freedom. Cuba’s internationalism and solidarity with the poor and oppressed people world-wide were manifestations of his humanity and nobility of spirit. We in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been beneficiaries of Fidel’s generosity and solidarity. In other countries, such as in racist Southern Africa, the Cubans under Fidel’s extraordinary leadership shed their blood, selflessly, to assist in the attainment of freedom and nationhood in Angola and South Africa especially.

Fidel was an extraordinary and towering political figure of immense historical and global significance. He stands alongside the 20th century titans in the struggle for people’s liberation such as V.I, Lenin, Mahatma Ghandi, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, and Nelson Mandela. He was a magnificent son of Our America, Our Latin American and Caribbean civilisation.

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Fidel was a warm and humorous person, a finished personality, full of a love for life and living. We will miss him dearly. My wife and I have lost a personal friend.

Earlier today (Saturday, November 26, 2016), I conveyed orally the condolences of the Government and People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the Government and People of Cuba and to Comrade Raul and Fidel’s family.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines will honour Fidel appropriately during this immediate period of mourning and thereafter.

May Fidel’s soul rest in peace. His ideas and example live on.

Farewell our dear friend and comrade.

Dated the 26th day of November 2016.

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5 replies on “Our dear friend and comrade, Fidel, is dead”

  1. Fidel Castro, our best friend an patron, one of the cruellest tyrants of modern times, a monster who transformed Cuba into the most unjust, ruthless, repressive, undemocratic, unfree, and self-exploitative societies the modern Western Hemisphere has ever known.

    May he burn in hell for an eternity.

  2. C, ben-David when you get there with Fidel remind him of the evils he did to humanity. Don’t forget to ask him the reasons he did what he did in the areas of higher education, medicine, etc for the peoples of the Caribbean and elsewhere. When you get the answers send them back for those who are on this side of eternity may share your views. Until then, ……………….

    1. I don’t have to wait until I get to hell to ask these questions.

      I can just ask the tens of thousands of Cubans who risked life and limb to escape from their island prison in tiny boats with just the clothes on their backs since 1959.

      I can also ask the thousands of doctors, engineers, and teachers who “benefitted” so much from their free university education that they have chosen to work as taxi drivers and hotel waiters so they can earn tips from foreigners necessary to feed their families.

      And I can ask thousands of Cubans in Florida why they have to smuggle medicine home to treat their sick relatives because none is available to them in their communist paradise.

  3. Does Saint Vincent and the Grenadines really want a leader who in my opinion is under the control of Cuba.

    Here is the truth that he failed to tell you about. The Castro regime is a family dynasty like SVG is now becoming a family dynasty.

    Castro pulled the very trigger that sent bullets crashing into the back of the heads of those that were summarily executed by his own hand during and after the revolution. He murdered hundreds of men whose only crime was to be part of the previous government, policemen, army officers and such.

    Fidel Castro died a billionaire having opened his own bank in London through which Cuba’s income flowed and he then creaming off those billions.

    Fidel Castro operated a white regime and white people in Cuba had supremacy and still today head most departments of government.

    The Cuban people have a second or even fifth rate health system, dirty and dilapidated hospitals lacking modern and even operational equipment, no drugs, no soap, no bed clothes, sheets pillows etc. Whilst there are hospitals where the chosen among the hierarchy, party officials, department heads and foreigners are treated in supreme conditions.

    The Cuban people have been held prisoner some for all their lives on an island, forced to harvest the fields during harvest time. Worked as slaves for next to nothing wages. Handed each month a small food allowance which is insufficient for a person to live a week on. Treated like rubbish and unable to express opinions without being locked up and in many cases tortured.

    Castro owned a chain of homes and mansions even his own private island, whilst his son sailed around the world in the family super yacht, and still does. The family lived the life of royalty and claimed to be living on a stipend that I spend more on my dogs every month. A matter of fooling the people all of the time.

    Wherever Cuba was fighting wars and so called struggles in the world including Africa they were doing so as nominees for the Russians and that included taking over and owning Grenada with their selected and installed leader Maurice Bishop. Castro had dreams of capturing the whole of the Caribbean states and having them under communist control, Grenada being the perceived stepping stone. He almost got there in the most recent scheme called ALBA where many Caribbean leaders with Marxism at home in their wardrobes were looking for an excuse to hand Cuba their countries on bamboo platters. One such country being Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which was almost in the bag until the US started normalizing relations with Cuba, now they were left hanging in limbo with a Marxist pratt as their leader.

    Cuba funded terrorism in South America training young men and women in social warfare in Cuba. FARC rebels were trained and politically imbued in Cuba. Also young foreign students studying in Cuba were selected to be trained to return to their own countries in the hope they would install communist governments in their countries later in their lives.

    There are two things that everyone should take a look at:—the-'CubVen-Empire'—watch-this-video-25985.html

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