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Prince Harry

From left: Prime Minister Gonsalves, Prince Harry and Rudy Matthias, head of the International Airport Development Company, look at the airport on Saturday. (Photo: API)

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said that Prince Harry was impressed with the Argyle International Airport, which he saw on Saturday.

The fifth in line to the British throne observed the airport from a distance during his one-day official visit to this country.

During his visit to St. Vincent, Prince Harry visited the Botanic Gardens in Kingstown, where he planted a tree, and the Vermont Nature, where he unveiled a monument dedicating it to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

In Colonarie, the prince unveiled a monument declaring the Colonarie/Byrea Beach a turtle sanctuary.

“And, of course, when they were going, they had to see the existential project of the Argyle International Airport. I tell you, and the prince was very impressed with it,” Gonsalves told a press conference on Monday.

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“Of course, we don’t need an expression of the prince being impressed, because we, ourselves, are impressed. But I just make it, so far as he was here representing Her Majesty,” he said at the media briefing in which he said that because of the rains over the past few weeks, his government will not announce as yet the date when the airport is expected to begin operating.

The EC$729 million international airport, the nation’s first, has missed multiple completion dates annually since 2011.

My questions to you, Prince Harry

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8 replies on “Prince Harry impressed with Argyle airport — PM”

  1. Diplomacy demands that he shows and says he is impressed. You can be sure he has been fully briefed before leaving the UK by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and also the British Foreign Office he would have been told that Gonsalves tells lies and that he has been accused of a number of sexual assault cases. He would of been briefed about the Cubans, the Venezuelans and ALBA, just about everything. He will know more about Gonsalves and his family dynasty than they know about themselves.

    This young man is very bright, Gonsalves will be unable to fool him with all his old long talk and charisma.

    1. I agree with everything except your statement that, “This young man is very bright,” because it is well know that not a single member of the direct royal lineage going back generations has ever been “very bright,” a product of inbreeding and indolent life style no doubt.

      The only recent truly bright quasi-royal was the late Louis Mountbatten, a second cousin once removed from the Queen who was assassinated by Irish separatists. Prince Phillip, who is fairly bright, also brought some much needed new blood into the gene pool. All the rest in the Windsor line and earlier well deserve being called royal dunces, as other have termed them.

      And don’t forget that Harry is the son of crackpot Princess Diana, the biggest dunce of all, who tried her best to destroy the royal family.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am a monarchist, if there ever was one, if only because I love and respect history, traditional British culture, and the symbolism that the royal family represents as doltish as its members may be.

      Long live Harry and long may they all the reign over us!

  2. Avatar Of Every Man Is A KingEvery man is a King says:

    It is time for the people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to remove the Queen of England and their lazy entitled so-called royal family from being being the head of state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. These white people only care about power.Me as a black vincentian do not want or care for these white folks who doesn’t give one bit about vincentian.

    1. Dear Every man is a King, how about getting rid of the Vincentian scum first? They do not care about you either.

      1. Avatar Of Every Man Is A KingEvery man is a King says:

        I do not care one bit about the Ralph. His time should have bin up long time ago.I am an independent thinker and voter.

    1. Avatar Of Every Man Is A KingEvery man is a King says:

      Charm fools for power.If this so called white royal family care about the people of SVG they would have help with the airport and bring job training to the people of SVG. That white boy and his family do not even care about black British citizens in their country much less vincentian who live thousands of miles away.

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