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St. Vincent and the Grenadines saw a new record in 2016 for the number of homicides committed within its borders within a year: 39.

The figure replaces the old record, 36, set some years ago.

The homicide count moved to

36 on Dec. 21 when Vidana McKenzie-Williams, a 33-year-old mother of four died after being chopped to the back of her neck in Chapmans Village.

On Thursday, Dec. 29, Dennis James, a 36-year-old, labourer of Chapmans Village appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court charged with McKenzie-Williams’ murder.

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Also on Dec. 21, Vancito “Cito” Balcombe, a 40-year-old farmer of Langley Park, died after being stabbed about the body outside his home.

Police have charged Anthony Simon, 24, a security guard of Georgetown with Balcombe’s murder.

The homicide count moved to 38 on Wednesday, Dec. 28, with the death of Ralph Garrick, a 54-year-old farmer of Lowmans Windward.

Garrick died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he had been warded for some time after a farmer reportedly struck him unconscious during an altercation.

And, on Thursday, Dec. 29, Kamari Neptune, a 34-year-old chauffeur of Campden Park was shot and killed in Redemption Sharpes around 6 a.m., as he was about to enter a minivan parked outside his girlfriend’s house.

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One reply on “St. Vincent sets new homicide record in 2016”

  1. It is obvious that our people are badly in need. Because we have a government that either does not have any idea on how to create an environment that fosters opportunity, or they just do not care. As we continue to vote for our own poverty things can only get worse. A Prime Minister that believes he has to raise taxes to create jobs means we have no hope. A PM that says SVG has little or no resources shows he has no vision. Other, wealthier Caribbean Nations envy our resources but our PM has convinced people we have none, to hide his inability to develop them. Soon Donald Trump will have to teach our PM how its done. Until that time crime and the rate of murder will continue to raise.

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