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Collin David
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Jormana Tash, a 25 year old mechanic of Rockies, who goes by the alias ‘Small Man’ and Collin David of Long Wall, a male in his early 30s, well known as Cocoa Tea, are wanted by the police in connection with an alleged drive-by shooting in Murray’s Village, last night.

The subjects are to be approached with caution. They are believed to be armed and considered dangerous.

The Police are soliciting your assistance in locating the men. If seen, please contact the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime at Telephone #451-2467 or 4571211 ext.264 or Officer in charge CID/CRO/MCU at 4561810 or 4571211 ext 226, 227, 228, 222, 223, 225, 224 and 230.

Calls would be treated confidentially.

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One reply on “Two men wanted in connection with drive-by shooting”

  1. Why don’t they issue one phone number instead of 5 or 6? A crime stopper number is all that’s needed so that the person making the call cannot be easily identified. He/she need to be protected for supplying the police with information and with so many numbers; it could be difficult to know how the culprit got the name of the person reporting the crime. The person monitoring the phone (24/7 365) will inform the right persons about the message.
    Keep in mind people in SVG are afraid to report crimes. The recent case with the guy killing 4 persons shows how terrible reporting crime has become in SVG. If the first crime was reported in time and the police was looking for the criminal again in time then those 3 other persons could still be alive today.

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