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North Leeward Community Outreach Programme

Residents of Chateaubelair came out to assist with the construction of the retaining wall at the Chateaubelair playing field.

A new community outreach programme has been launched in the North Leeward constituency. The initiative, North Leeward Community Outreach Programme (NLCOP), was launched on Jan. 21 at the Chateaubelair playing field under the theme: Working together to build stronger communities.

Under the outreach programme, eight communities in North Leeward will benefit from infrastructure projects earmarked to improve the lives of persons in the North Leeward constituency.

Government Senator Carlos James, co-ordinator of the outreach programme, said the initiative was designed to foster greater community spirit and to improve the infrastructure within communities.

At the launch of the programme, James noted that the projects under the programme are self-help initiatives with various community groups and residents working together within their respective communities.

“It is exciting to see people working together and reigniting that level of community spirit that has been missing for some time. We are hoping to transform our communities through greater collaboration,” James said.

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He said the outreach programme adds value to our national rural transformation efforts and further noted that such programmes can be bolstered with more support from the business community.

“The programme is a community-based initiative and we are appealing to the business community and other interested persons to play a role in transforming the lives of persons within rural communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” James said.

The outreach programme will see the construction of an afterschool learning centre, the rehabilitation of a vegetable market and a skills training facility and the rehabilitation of several small bypass community roads in North Leeward.

This Saturday, residents of Chateaubelair will continue to rebuild the retaining wall at the Chateaubelair playing field, which was destroyed three years ago during the passage of a trough system. The next community project is expected to be the rehabilitation of small bypass road in Troumaca.

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