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Gonsalves has said that state-owned companies have enough assets to cover the EC$400 million in debt resulting from the construction of the AIA.
Gonsalves has said that state-owned companies have enough assets to cover the EC$400 million in debt resulting from the construction of the AIA.
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The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected]

Finally, the Argyle International Airport (AIA) will become an operational reality on February 14, 2017. The majority of Vincentians are delighted for this except the die-hard NDP supporters. True to their backward and conservative style, many NDP supporters and NDP leaders continue to pour ignorance on what is already a living reality. The NDP has produced the most fake news, alternative facts or lies, and pseudo reality where the AIA is concerned.

I must say, however, that some NDP supporters and leaders welcome the airport but they cannot say so for fear the other NDP supporters and NDP leaders will cuss them out and shame them.

Oh what a corner the NDP has pushed itself into!

Now many of the NDP supporters and leaders are saying they were never against the airport. They are now saying that all they did was criticize and ask questions. But is that really so? They do not even believe themselves when they say that. They are now seeking shelter by trying to convince the nation that they never opposed the building of AIA. Oh, how dishonest they all look before the nation and the world.

The majority of Vincentians are seeing clearly that the NDP is possessed with a politically divisive demon. On top of that, it must be that the NDP believes that Vincentians are stupid and they will not remember all the scorn that the NDP poured and still pouring on AIA. Even a deaf and blind person knows about the NDP’s constant desperate attempts to discredit the ULP-led government and especially Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves regarding the AIA. The records of these facts are there and will haunt them to their grave. It will be terrible amongst them. One of the prominent de facto leaders of the NDP displayed a high level of hate and badmindedness by wishing for the airport to be destroyed by a tsunami.

This hateful statement and wish is a reflection of the sick state of mind of too many of the supporters and leaders of the NDP. When you listen to the content and callers on NICE Radio and read the NDP people on Facebook with their views related to the AIA, it is very clear that something terrible has gone wrong with the minds of these people. 

I would be shocked to death if I see them using AIA to travel. No way they should use that airport. But then again, come to think about it, the NDP people have no shame. They are some of the most shameless people I have ever seen. But they will not be able to run from their history of evil against the AIA. They are eternally damned in the fire of truth in the presence of AIA.

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The people should never let the NDP get away with their disgusting opposition to the airport. They should be reminded everyday and night about their shameful opposition to the airport. A special book must be written about the NDP foolish opposition to the airport. 

The ULP members, and supporters and all right thinking Vincentians should be proud of this day especially after all the insults, badmindedness and mischief created by the Opposition NDP members, supporters, and leaders. The faith of he ULP supporters and leaders in their correctness to build an international airport has borne good fruits and will even benefit the badminded NDP

Keep the faith in good over mischief and evil.

Solomon Daniel

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

6 replies on “NDP Going crazy over Argyle International Airport ”

  1. What type of foolishness is this? Haven’t we have enough divisiveness in our country than you coming now at this point, where the AIA is to be opened, to be spreeing this sort of nonsense. There is a different between opposing the actual airport, the way it is being done and financial ramifications down the road. Those are valid concerns that we should not overlook. It is time that we cut out this nonsense of partisan politics. Now is not the time for this foolishness. We have a country to build, an airport to promote so let us look at the way ahead than focusing on the negativity of who support from who didn’t support. That’s what democracy is all about. The AIA is here so us to move on because there is still a hell of lot of work to be done.

  2. This commentary sounds remarkably like the kind of thing we are now hearing daily in the US of A! Anyone here who dares to express an opinion that is not the same as the views of Donald J. Trump is immediately labeled “un-American,” “unpatriotic,” or stupid or “evil,” or some combination of all those. (I have not yet heard “badminded” used here, but I’m sure we will!)

    Given the content of two other recent articles posted here (one about runway repairs currently being done at AIA; the other about the absence of SVG representation at the recent Caribbean tourism convention, it is difficult, IMO, to make a strong case that concerns about AIA are simply expressions of ignorance or “evil.”

    Suggesting that Vincentians should “keep the faith in good over mischief and evil” is always good advice, but does not seem to me to be an adequate substitute for fact-based debate.

  3. 1. What “good fruits” are you referring to when you claim that, “The faith of the ULP supporters and leaders in their correctness to build an international airport has borne good fruits”? As far as I can tell, the only “good fruits” are a growing mountain of debts. Even the Prime Minister has said that it would take a long time to see the “good fruits.” But, to you, I guess he is wrong.

    2. I am the furthest thing in the world from an NDP supporter yet I have long doubted the rationale for this wasteful construction project airport for the simple reason that I am convinced that it be soon be proven to have been a colossal policy failure, the many signs of which have always been right in front of us.

    3. A clear distinction must be made between people like me who believe that the airport will fail to come anywhere close to meeting its tourism enhancement expectations and those (a tiny minority, I’m sure) who actually want the airport to fail for political or other reasons.

    4. With all my heart, as a proud and patriotic Vincentian, I hope that a Vinci Vin-style miracle happens to make the airport turn out to be a tremendous success. But with all my God-given mental talents, I am convinced that the airport will turn out to be the biggest economic failure in the history of our nation.

  4. Why do people like you always have to politicize everything that happens in little St. Vincent, trying in vain to score a few cheap political points in the process?

    Don’t you know that AIA was build for everyone? All Vincentians, at home and abroad; every traveller who lands there wherever s/he comes from; rich and poor; male and female; tall and short; slim and stout; people of any sexual identity, orientation, or preference; old and young alike; every ethnic, racial, religious, and other category of people; supporters of any political party and ideological persuasion.

    Or is there something about this you disagree with?

  5. The guy Daniel is such an idiot. It seems that AIA is only for ULP supporters,
    Dash . . . . leave politics out, moving forward.

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