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Argyle International Airport. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
Argyle International Airport. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
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Regional carrier, LIAT, on Monday, said it was in “final preparations” to begin service from the Argyle International Airport on Tuesday — when the airport officially opens.

The airline said its first flight from the airport, LI 560, is scheduled to depart at 6:45 a.m. Tuesday.

The airline said it participated in several preparatory exercises including the simulation exercise on Jan. 24 with a team headed by Sonya John, executive manager of Airports and Customer Service.

The team included members of several departments of the airline, including flight operations, cargo, information technology and marketing.

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LIAT said the team completed the simulation exercise as well as toured the new airport, which was followed by a meeting with the Argyle airport authorities to discuss their findings.

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“The simulation exercise and walk through were critical components in our preparations for the opening of Argyle International Airport on February 14th. The exercise was completed successfully with many of the areas being tested checked off satisfactorily,” John said.

“She noted that all the areas which were pending have been completed and the airline is ready to commence operations,” LIAT said in a statement.

The senior management of LIAT, including Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jean Holder and acting Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer-Jones, will attend the opening ceremony for the new airport.

The final LIAT flight into E.T. Joshua will take place today, Feb. 13 and the airport will then fly to Argyle International Airport in preparation for the inaugural departure flight.

“LIAT expects to enhance the passenger experience as well as staff satisfaction from the use of the state of the art facility while increasing the efficiency of the airline’s operations in St. Vincent,” the airline said.

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