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The vandalised walkway.

Following the discovery of an arson attack on the recently completed cliff-side walkway in Bequia, the following joint statement was issued by Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament for the Northern Grenadines, Dr. The Hon. Godwin Friday, and Herman Belmar, Deputy Director of Grenadine Affairs.

“Early Monday morning 20th February, a person or persons as yet unknown deliberately set fire to a portion of the coastal trail between the Belmont Walkway and Princess Margaret Beach, rendering it impassable to both residents on their way to work, visitors on their way to and from the beach, and cruise ship passengers here to enjoy the beauty of the island on foot.

We condemn this mindless act of vandalism which seemed intent only on damaging one of our island’s best-loved assets, and we salute the many people who have been involved in its swift restoration. Repairs were immediately organised by Action Bequia and these were carried out by a team of skilled craftsmen from Bequia Beach Hotel. The work was completed by 3 p.m. on Tuesday 21st, the day after the damage was inflicted.

Workmen stand near the walkway after repairing it.

“This kind of wilful lawlessness against public property and convenience cannot be allowed to take hold in Bequia. We would like to thank the RSVG Police in Bequia for their swift action in opening an investigation, and all those members of the community who have vowed to leave no stone unturned in discovering the perpetrators.”

The restoration in 2012 of the Belmont Walkway and the trail connecting Port Elizabeth to Princess Margaret Beach and beyond in 2015, were the signature initiatives of Action Bequia, an SVG registered NGO.

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One reply on “Seaside walkway in Bequia vandalised”

  1. Note that the repairs, which were extensive as the fire had burned through to the load bearing beams below the decking, were repaired within thirty hours, This reflected the warm approval of Bequia people towards an amenity that has brought joy to the many who use the Trail daily.

    The Trail adds greatly to the appeal of Bequia as a place to live in, work and visit so helps the local economy. Unfortunately one or two people with a narrow sectional interest (and criminal tendencies) don’t see the bigger picture.

    A look at will show the contempt in which these arsonists are held.

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