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On Jan. 28th, 2017 I travelled from London to the United States of America through JF Kennedy International Airport en route to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, my final destination. Upon arrival at JFK, I noticed a lot of law enforcement officers on the inner part of the airport. I came to the conclusion that it was a training exercise. While trying to find my way through in-transit, one of the officers ordered all who were present to go outside. It was then I realised what was actually taking place. I was caught in the middle of a massive protest as a result of an executive order signed by President Trump to ban Muslims and others from entering the country. This caused widespread protest across the country. This ban, however, was blocked temporarily by Judge James Robart. President Trump later referred to the judge as a “so-called judge”. This, to me, was very sad and unfortunate.

Not satisfied with the judge’s ruling, an order was made to hunt down all illegal immigrants, especially those with criminal convictions and deport them to their respective countries. This brought joy to some Vincentians who are now citizens and green card holders of the United States of American, as they posted on their Facebook page how happy they were for the President to deport their own. This is probably so because these people have a different political view from theirs.

This is very poignant since most of these same persons who were rejoicing were illegal immigrants before obtaining full status. Some of these said persons think they are safe, however, they may not have thought about the possible impact, especially economically, this is likely to have on our Caribbean countries. The remittances that contribute significantly to our GDP may be affected. Carnival, Christmas and other festivities can be directly affected because many persons are fearful to leave the United States since they are uncertain as to whether they will be allowed to re-enter the country. Persons are literally afraid to go to work, to church and even to go to their doctor’s appointments. These doctors are fearful that more and more persons will get sick as a result. Businesses in the United States have also been affected as some are forced to close their doors since the workers are afraid to show up to work. Criminals are likely to commit more crimes but these may go unnoticed since they may not be reported by the affected illegal immigrants. It would be very interesting to hear CARICOM’s take on this very critical development and what are their plans to cushion this impact.

Brenton Smith

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

8 replies on “Vincies rejoice at the prospects of their own being deported from US”

  1. The US media and other enemies of Trump have really caused a stir with the threat of deportations. The immigration ban is only for 7 countries and for 90 days. This has occurred other times in US History including Jimmy Carter and Obama for the same countries. At those times it was not even newsworthy. There is no mention of SVG. You will also see that otherwise deportations ONLY DEAL WITH CONVICTED CRIMINALS. It is a wonder that even the SVG media buys into the “fake news” that the corrupt Globalist Establishment wants us to believe in their desire to get rid of Trump. We should instead look at the REAL FACTS and not be “useful idiots”. of the corrupt. Just because Wolf Blitzer says it does not make it true. Go find the actual document and read it for yourself instead of assisting your own defeat as a free well-informed people.

  2. If you are in the country legally then you have no problem. No country, including SVG has an obligation to let any non citizen squat in their country. Even if you dislike Trump, at least be fair. Do your research away from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX News. Come on people. Fix what is happening in SVG. Pick the mote out of your own eye lest you be blinded by the beam of the fake news. You seem to be already blinded anyway.

  3. I really have a problem with this article, particularly to the claim that Vincentians in the U.S. are happy and rejoicing over the current immigration situation in the U.S. First of all, how are you so sure that those persons making those statements on Facebook are U.S. citizens or residence? And furthermore, how do you know they themselves were illegal in the U.S. before becoming U.S. citizens and residence? Based on your assertion, you’re saying that most Vincentians who are citizens or residence in the U.S. were once illegal here. Your assertion is to wrong. I’m a Vincentian and a U.S. citizen, who came to this country as permanent resident (green card holder). While some Vincentians (living the U.S.) may have expressed their views on facebook, it is unfair for you to take a white brush to paint us in the U.S. in that light. We as U.S. citizens and residents have always try to support our brothers and sisters who are living here un-documented, and it is disheartening when you take the view of a very few to make it look like many of us are rejoicing over the Trump’s immigration policy to deport our people. Get your facts right!

  4. Nonsense that you dreamed up.

    The only Vincentians happy about deportations are those who initiated the deportations themselves by reporting persons — usually family and friends (often jilted lovers) — they have had a falling out with who are defined as illegal aliens — “don’t have their stay,” using our local term — to punish them in the worst way they can, namely, by depriving them of their livelihood.

    And yes, unlike you, I have evidence that this often happens in these sorts of situations.

  5. Lostpet you have nothing of significance to add. The only thing you have shown is that you are someone who supports a narcissist personified, a charlatan, a bully, and self-admitted sexual predator, and not to mention a racist, who has conned his way into the U.S. presidency. Anyone who can turn a blind eye and support such a miscreant is also a lout.

    1. It would be great if you could show me some proof of what you write, but please, put exact quotes from Trump ,if you are going to use them, such as when Hillary Clinton who said “All black men are super predators.” or when she said she will “go to war with Russia” or that if she is made president she will “bomb Iran”. But we all know how sweet Hillary is and how bad Trump is, we just do not have any evidence to support what we say about Trump. Let’s just stick with facts. Trump is off to a terrible start with foreign policy, just as bad as Bush or Obama. At least Trump is doing better with the economy, unfortunately the economy is beyond repair and not even Trump can save the world from the coming crash, thanks to his predecessors, especially Obama.

  6. I would like to know what President Trump is doing is so wrong? Only the president of the US can give orders on who he wants in the US. When President Obama was President, and the governor of Arizona signed a law that was passed by her state legislature in regards to illegal immigrants with criminal record, it was President Obama and his justice department who sued the state and said that only the federal government can make changes to their immigration laws..

    Trump is using all the presidential powers vested to him by the US Constitution.

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