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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) says that it is D-License Course which was scheduled to take place this week has been rescheduled to later this month.

The SVGFF says this is due to circumstances beyond its control and on based on the advice of CONCACAF.

The course will now take place from March 28 to 31 and will offer local coaches the opportunity to become certified in line with other countries.

This will be the second D License course to be hosted by the SVGFF and is part of the organisation’s thrust to improve the knowledge base of its coaches as well as to have them certified to work in a modern environment, an SVGFF official said.

Meanwhile the 2017 National Club Championships got on the way last Sunday at the Victoria Park.

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The results of those matches as well as the upcoming fixtures and Zones are as follows:

Awesome FC were beaten by RSVG Police 2-3 in a Zone B encounter, while Greggs FC thrashed SV United 5-2 in Zone A.

The competition will continue on Saturday, March 4, with a number of matches slated for venues across the island.

The matches at the Layou Playing Field in Zone D will see from 2 p.m. Sharpes FC 09 taking on Parkside Rollers and from 4 p.m., Hill View meeting Camdonia Chelsea. The Campden Park Playing Field will feature Zone C where from 2 p.m. — Bequia United will oppose Avenues United and from 4 p.m. — Roseans takes on Largo Height.

The Brighton Playing Field will be the scene of Zone B and will see from 2 p.m. — United Strikers meeting Hope International and from 4 p.m. — Jebelle FC taking on Pastures United.

On Sunday, March 5, the Layou Playing Field will host Zone D where from 2 p.m. Roxdale will face North Leeward Predators and from 4 p.m. — Layou and Q-CESCO will be joined in battle.

The Campden Park Playing Field will play host to Zone C, where from 2 p.m. Sharpes will square off with Green Hill and from 4 p.m. Volcanoes will engage Toni Store Jugglers FC.

The Brighton Playing Field will host Zone A action from 2 p.m. where 1998 Hillside meet Sparta FC and from 4 p.m. — Brownstown and DESCO will go at each other.

Below shows how the teams have been zoned, with -33- teams registering for this Division, four – Groups, with three –having eight — Clubs, and one zone with nine clubs.