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Lawyer Grant Connell. (iWN file photo)
Lawyer Grant Connell. (iWN file photo)
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That was the advice of defence counsel Grant Connell to “certain people”, who he said had called him after he complained about Commissioner of Police Renold Hadaway displaying exhibits of a criminal case at a press conference in January.

Connell made the comments as he made a no case submission on Monday in the trial of Lowmans Bay couple, Randy Shallow and Freikesha Douglas, who have been charged with possession of three firearms, including a submachine gun, and several rounds of ammunition.

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“… when those who encourage others in the path to justice that certain things are right, I get very concerned. Very concerned,” Connell said in his no case submission before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias at the Serious Offences Court.

“And this is a manifestation of it,” he said during the submission in which he said the evidence was contaminated that the exhibits before the court were not the ones on display at the police press conference or that were allegedly seized during a raid at the couple’s home.

“Let those within the court deal with what’s in the court. Let the police do their job properly. They have a duty to the state. If you have a country to run, run the country, stay out the court,” Connell said and asked that the case be dismissed.

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The magistrate rejected the no case submission.

The defence is expected to call its first witness when the trial resumes on April 24.

3 replies on “Run the country, stay out the court’ — Lawyer”

  1. How true. Otherwise we will be like the USA, where the public are already convinced by the press or politicians long before any evidence has been presented. The sad thing is that when the police display weapons as if they were those found on the suspects, when they were not, the defendants will be condemned before the trial even starts.

  2. Press conference like these, in regards to similar events happens all over. The only discrepancy that occurred is that the serial numbers for the weapons should have been properly document before the exhibit tags were removed. The chain of custody should be maintained at all times to acquire a conviction, the acting COP should not have made this mistake and should put measures in place to deter such future occurrences.

  3. KaribbeanKat says:

    Do you hear him oh fat one, stick to the political science and don’t interfere with court proceedings.

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