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Grant Connell

Lawyer Grant Connell. (iWN file photo)

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A lawyer has apologised to the Serious Offences Court for asking a male detective, who is a witness in a matter before the court, if he wears “panty”.

The lawyer, Grant Connell, told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias last Monday, April 3, that “the flesh is weak” and his utterances on Friday were “a manifestation of that”.

Connell’s comments to Constable Philbert Chambers came the previous Friday, March 31, towards the end of a rigorous cross examination of the detective.

Chambers is the investigator into the January 2017 seizure of a gun and ammunition cache at Lowman’s Bay.

Connell is defending Randy Shallow and Freikesha Douglas, a couple from the West Kingstown community, who have been charged with possession of three firearms, including a submachine gun, and several rounds of ammunition, which police say were netted in the raid.

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Chambers led a team of police officers on the raid of the couple’s house where they say illegal items were found.

As Connell was ending his cross examination of the detective, he asked him if he had seen any panties at the home of the accused during the raid.

The detective said no.

Connell then proceeded to ask Chambers, “You does wear panty?”

Connell’s question triggered a reprimand from prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche and Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, who is presiding over the matter.

Before the recommencement of the trial on Monday, Connell apologised to the court for the development.

“Well said,” commented Delplesche after Connell’s apology.

The chief magistrate added, “I am not one to hold malice because I want my prayers to be answered.”

Delplesche further commented: “I usually say the battle here between my friends and I is not carnal.”

One person who witnessed the initial exchange, however, noted to iWitness News that Connell’s apology to the court came in the absence of the person to whom his offending question was directed.

On Monday, the court rejected a no case submission in the matter. Connell then asked for an adjournment before he presents his defence.

The trial resumes April 24

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One reply on “Lawyer asks detective if he wears panty”

  1. Avatar Of Brown Boy UsaBrown Boy USA says:

    This only shows the lack of respect that we exhibit these days in my country, from the head all the way down to the common man. We have no respect in court, church and any other traditionally respected institutions. It was good Mr. Connell apologized. However, he must understand that while he may not have respect for persons in the court he’s cross examining, he must respect the court and such utterance therein must be avoided at all cost. No wonder our youths are the way they are today.

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