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Vincentian chocolate
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Chocolate produced by the Vincentian Chocolate Company will this year be used to make an Easter egg for Her Majesty, the Queen.

Prestat Finest Chocolates, established in 1902, is one of the world’s oldest and most famous chocolate brands and much loved by English royalty and nobility. It was also a favourite of Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the creator of Willie Wonka.

Each year, Prestat handcrafts a perfect and unique chocolate Egg for Her Majesty The Queen and fills it with a range of chocolate truffles and chocolate delights.

“So it is with huge pride that the Vincentian Chocolate Company, a subsidiary of the St. Vincent Cocoa Company (SVCC) can announce this year’s Easter Egg for Her Majesty will be made using Vincentian Chocolate,” the company said in a statement.

This is following a recent visit to St. Vincent by Nick Crean, co-owner of Prestat, on the invitation of Harry Marriott, Chairman of SVCC.

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Under the expert guidance of Andrew Hadley, managing director of SVCC, Crean visited cocoa farms in St. Vincent’s glorious mountains as well as SVCC’s world-class cocoa handling facility at Dixon.

The statement said that at SVCC offices in Kingstown, Crean he declared: “The St Vincent Cocoa Company is one of the most impressive stories of investment and sustainability I have come across. It brings employment to the island and will benefit the economy of the region. It is clear that the cocoa industry in St. Vincent has an exciting future and is in safe hands.”

On tasting Vincentian Chocolate at the company’s factory Crean declared that “Vincentian Chocolate is one of the most elegant and rewarding chocolate couvertures I have ever tasted.”

Wilf Marriott, head of cocoa sales at SVCC and based in London arranged the secret delivery of chocolate to Prestat’s factory in London and said, “All of us here at the St. Vincent Chocolate Company are incredibly excited and honoured that Prestat are using our chocolate to make Her Majesty’s Easter egg. All of our hard work seems to be paying off!”

2 replies on “Queen’s Easter egg to be made using Vincentian Chocolate”

  1. I wonder how many Vincentians like the taste of this dark chocolate? Not a single person I have spoken to. And the product is hardly selling on supermarket shelves.

    Yes, many of us only like sweet milk chocolate. Not me. My preference is the bitter-sweet variety, heavy on bitter and light on sweet.

    To me, this product tastes sour, almost rancid.

    Is this a case of the emperor has no clothes?

    What do others think?

  2. Pure vindictive fart!

    I love this chocolate, my children love this chocolate, my wife loves this chocolate, my in-laws love this chocolate, my neighbors from Germany loves this chocolate, and my dog loves this chocolate.

    I am so glad that C.ben David does not love this chocolate. If it had been otherwise something wouldn’t be right. Why? C.ben-David is not a lover of anything SVG!

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