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By Patrick Ferrari

I believe to accept “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing” (Malcolm X), is to accept the reverse – at the same time. It depends on the newspapers, surely. And a predisposition.

Below is an excerpt (exact: cut and paste) from an article, by Carlos Hernández, on the op-ed page in The New York Times. The piece is entitled, “On a Date While Venezuela Burns.” It appeared on August 4, 2017 and the excerpt is the final paragraph. You might want to read the whole article, but be careful who you want to hate and who you want to love.

“Last Sunday, the vote for the constituent assembly was held. It was a horrible day, the worst, I think, since the protests started in March. Between 10 and 16 deaths, and many other casualties, were reported throughout the country. I found out about them mostly through WhatsApp, listening to voice messages left by frightened people, with the sounds of detonations in the background. That day, several people were shot and wounded in Ciudad Guayana, my city, the quiet city.

Carlos Hernández, an economist, is a contributor to Caracas Chronicles. This essay was translated by Sonia Berah from the Spanish.”

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2 replies on “An Excerpt from a Venezuelan”

  1. What a big joke? Patrick Ferrari is offering up himself as the new “go to man” for info’ on anything and everything Venezuela; where Peter Binose left off after his timely demise…oh really? Hmm ah wonder!) Well anyway, his sources for this convincing narrative not, are, The New York Times, (Venezuela Needs International Intervention. Now. How Venezuela Stumbled to the Brink of Collapse. As Maduro’s Venezuela Rips Apart, So Does His Military), and Carlos Hernandez of the Caracas Chronicles. (Constituent Assembly is Just Funny. Guayana: Your Vote or Your Job. My city is flooding, and it’s Maduro’s fault) etc. Jesus, lord have mercy! Patrick boy, yo killing me with laughter, ah can’t stop laughing! New York Times/Caracas Chronicles? Boy, why didn’t you just copy and paste verbatim everything from the opposition MUD faction? Wey wrong wid ‘Trick eh? He really think, Vincy people dumb and foolish like he Pappy-Show self? Boy, we educated Vincy’s don’t follow CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, ABC, Daily News, Fox News or the other lying western MSN (main stream media) presstitutes, when it comes to real news, real facts, real information, concerning real issues that affect us all. Don’t believe me… ask Mr USA President Trump! Accordingly, they all publish “fake news”!
    Patrick, what you trying to sell us here is “fake news”, and we aint buying it…well, except for “sponge Ben”, he ‘gwine love this!
    Me, I would rather buy, ah mean, listen to the PM and we Caricom neighbors and not none ah you! Hence, sign up for the “education revolution”… yo stupid ignorant! New York Times, Caracas Chronicles? Ha! Nah! Come again…by the way, never mind..nah!

  2. I just cannot believe that whoever writes in the name of Vinciman actually believes that anyone at all believes what he writes, even himself.

    I have never read such absolute claptrap anywhere. It is a true reflection of what scum we are dealing with and that includes the Maduro regime and anyone that supports it, their embassies, military, regional prime ministers and all their little jumped up followers.

    But paid scum like Vinciman who is simply a useful idiot and an ad hominem twerp who reminds me of the Russian Agitprop types who being apparatchiks disseminated crap for payment by their controller. This is the very kind of person who helped organise the voting fraud which we now know was inflicted on us by Vinciman like clones.

    It is quite obvious by the way Vinciman supports and tries to protect Venezuela that SVG is little more than a client state to them.

    Patrick Ferrari is a brave man who fears no one, he uses his own name and has even suffered spite from the Browne clown. Yet he still writes the truth, because the truth will always prevail. You Vinciman are a demagogue clone, filled with hate and spite against all those that do not agree with your filth or that of your leadership.

    CARICOM has been taken over by the same crap that has taken over a number of Caribbean states. The same leadership, the same rubbish which brings to mind a slogan not created, but made popular by Karl Marx in a 1875 publication, to highlight a fundamental aspect of communism “from each according to his ability” of which you Vinciman have none. Not only do you have no ability to convince the readers, but you have shunned all decency, just like the current government that you worship.

    I am becoming more convinced each time I listen to our leaders and read such crap as you present on their behalf in an attempt to make right wrong and wrong right that we are currently under the control of fascists.

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