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Is this Vincy gratitude to the Taiwanese?

Persons using this road,which lead to the Taiwan Mission in Pembroke, are running out of options.

By Peter Principle

The Technical Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is located at Pembroke and is accessed by Jason’s Drive, which branches off the recently rehabilitated Leeward Highway, near Greaves Supermarket. Roadwork was carried out within feet of the appalling condition of Jason’s Drive.

The road leads to the Taiwan Technical Mission in Pembroke.

The road joins the recently rehabilitated South Leeward Highway near Greaves Marketplace in Pembroke.

According to residents, the atrocious condition of the road has existed for years, causing considerable damage to their vehicles. Despite their self-help attempts at patching it, the absence of a drain on either side of the road in the initial roadwork, plus poor drainage throughout the area, has led to progressive deterioration following torrential rains from the passage of storms, trough systems and tropical waves. Water from the late July tropical wave further gouged out the bank which motorists previously had to resort to driving on, now leaving them a choice between two gullies.

It is also an animal’s watering hole.

A river runs through it…

The Taiwanese have generously contributed to relief efforts for disasters, as well as significant funding for road infrastructure. This is a sad reflection of the much touted “gratitude” for 35 years of assistance and friendship. Is this the best that can be done for our “friends”? With friends like us….

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7 thoughts on “Is this Vincy gratitude to the Taiwanese?

  1. Its all very well repairing roads for missions, diplomats and ULP special persons. But the whole road system is falling apart because of no maintainance. Farmers cannot get to their land, and the people North of the dry river have sections of the road completely washed away and no attempts to repair or replace it despite it happened months ago.

    The ULP government decided to increase vehicle road tax and impose huge import duties and then to punish the road users in destroying their vehicles with roads with holes that in some cases can swallow a vehicle.

    Its simply a warped aspect of Labour Love.

  2. Now go and look at the road to Gonsalves house which is built to superb specifications to last 50 years or more.

  3. The most vexpensive section of road to be ever built in SVG.

  4. Precious says:

    Utter nonsense!

    • To better understand your ignorance perhaps you will explain exactly what you are referring to when you write “Utter nonsense” . We are not mind readers so try a little better and enlighten us.

      Everything in the article are facts and everything in the comments are facts, so what is “Utter nonsense”? I suspect you are a propagandist sent here as an attempt to try and make wrong right, and right wrong.

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