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Maria Holder Memorial Trust
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The Maria Holder Memorial Trust donated over EC$1 million worth of medical equipment and supplies to the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment. The Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre received 130 beds and mattresses, three birth centres received a range of medical equipment and the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital was outfitted with all the Kitchen equipment.

In photo: Representatives from The Maria Holder Trust and the World Paediatric Project with Minister of Health.

2 replies on “Maria Holder Memorial Trust donates $1m in medical equipment”

  1. It is so sad that Saint Vincent cannot function without charity, loans and financial tricks. Our Health Care system is in such a sad state that we have to wonder how bad it would be if we had to operate on our own. We run out of supplies because we are accustomed to getting most everything in donations. When are we going to get leadership that can give us pride instead of living in the global financial gutter?

    1. Perhaps when SVG reaches 1st world status!
      A big thank you to organizations such as Maria Holder Memorial Trust for your support and donations.

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