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Criminal Charges
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Three females are in police custody as investigations continue into the stabbing death of 23-year-old Simonia Da Silva outside her home in Fairhall between 12 midnight and 1 a.m. Monday.

Detectives in Calliaqua, located in the police district where the crime occurred, are investigating the killing.

The dead woman’s younger sister, Crystal Da Silva, 19, told iWitness News on Monday that she, her mother and her stepfather watched helplessly as a mob repeatedly stabbed her sister in their yard.

Simonia Da Saliva
Simonia Da Saliva, 23, was murdered in her yard at Fairhall as she tried to escape her attackers. (Photo: Facebook)

The sisters’ mother and stepfather were injured as they tried to help Simonia, who Crystal said was repeatedly stabbed after being stripped topless by the mobsters, said to be members of the “Outlaw” gang, based in the East St. George community.

The young woman died in the mob attack that her sister presented as the latest in a saga that began when their mother rebuffed a lesbian’s advances on her niece at an entertainment venue three months ago.

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Crystal told iWitness News that her sister was cut off as the family tried to make it to their home after a confrontation at an entertainment venue in that community Sunday night.

Simonia’s death brings to 24 the homicide count in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.

3 replies on “3 females in custody in connection with the latest killing”

  1. It’s to much killing in my little Island St Vincent by lowless men and now women is joining the gang long long long time ago it’s use to have no more than one or two women in jail in St Vincent but it’s look like today it’s a lot of women in jail there what’s wrong with ppl I’m living here in Canada I feel safe every time I leave my house because I always have some body with me and he is Jesus he is what the world needs to stop all these killings

  2. Saint Vincent per capita is an extremely violent country. Although there will always be crime, it can be greatly reduced when leaders craft policy that instead creates opportunity for jobs instead of opportunity for crime. Creating and raising taxes destroy opportunity. We tax too much because we spend and borrow too much. High taxes discourage investment.
    It shocks me how little about economics the SVG Government knows. They have it all backwards except (in some ways) right before an election. The carrot on a stick approach to getting votes, and them go right back to voodoo economics. Who is the representative of East Saint George? Why do we not hear from him? Missing in Action I guess just like our Prime Minister.

  3. My heart and prayers goes out to the family and Friends of Simonia. So young so beautiful, gone to soon for no reason. I feel that everyone involved in the crime should all receive equal punishment regardless of age. Mentally they killers and will kill again. I don’t believe any of them will change, what I do believe is this people change to suite the situation for their own benefits. Prison is to good for these people. I hope the law will do the right thing for this family. Harsh sentences for each and everyone.

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