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The deceased, Simonia Da Saliva. (Photo: Facebook)
The deceased, Simonia Da Saliva. (Photo: Facebook)

The sister of 23-year-old Simonia Da Silva who was murdered in her yard in Fairhall Sunday night says that the rebuff of a lesbian’s overtures started the conflict that led to the killing.

Crystal Da Silva, told iWitness News that they were at a wet fete about three months ago when a lesbian began hitting on one of her cousins.

Da Silva told iWitness News that her mother noticed the development and pulled away her (mother’s) niece, telling her, “We ain’t dealing with them kind of stuff there.”

The young woman, who turns 19 next week Friday, along with her mother and stepfather would watch helplessly between 12 midnight and 1 a.m. Monday as Simonia is stabbed to death by a mob, including a number of girls, said to be members of a gang calling themselves “Outlaws”.

Speaking to iWitness News at the house where the stabbing took place, Da Silva said that after her mom pulled away her niece from the lesbian, the woman who was making the sexual advance began to curse her mother, telling her that she doesn’t like her.

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At some point, the lesbian was also putting her foot on the newly painted wall where the wet fete was taking place, so Da Silva’s mom rebuked her and also told the owner of the venue about it.

At this point, the lesbian became angry and began to accost Da Silva’s mother — “coming up in her face,” the grieving sister told iWitness News.

“So my sister (Simonia) was getting angry so she pushed her (the lesbian) away. And then [a boy], he wasn’t even in it, he just ran up on my sister. He burst off my sister’s shirt. They threw her down and she ended up with a knee bruise. It happened a Sunday. She was going away the Monday to Tortola. They hit her with a bottle in her head,” Da Silva told iWitness News.

“While I was fighting off one of the girls — I don’t know her name to this day — a lot of them came and jump on me and my sister went and pull her away and gave her a cut in her back with a razor. And that’s how she got her to come off of me because she wasn’t coming off.”

Da Silva told iWitness News that she believes what happened Sunday night could be a spill off from that incident.

She, however, said that she believes that one of the males involved also wanted to get at one of her friends.

“So they were hyping him saying, ‘Yeah, we ready for the war. If she come up here, I know them they go wah jump in too, but we ready for the war. We go kill she with licks’ and them kind of stuff,” she said of the lead up to the stabbing incident Sunday night.

Simonia died after having received stab wounds about her body after she was attacked by a mob as she, her sister, their mother, and their stepfather attempted to make it into their house to escape the crowd that pursued them from an entertainment venue to their home in the East St. George community.

Her death brings to 24 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.

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  1. This is what Vince land has become. From bad to worse is pervasive at all levels of society. The police doesn’t do a good job.

  2. Whoever wrote this article is complete lazy, disorganized, unprofessional trash. Even worse, the homophobic undertones…what’s with the repeated use of “the lesbian” …is sexual orientation some sort of title? How backward and ignorant. Please quit your job and look for another, I suggest behind the counter at some Chinese restaurant dishing out chow-mein. Trash.

  3. This young lady lost her life from a mob here family was in danger so why only 3 arrested they should ah lock up all ah them that was there as every one of them was responsible for her death

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